Robert Duvall stars! After an awful pro golf tour debut, Luke Chisholm ends up in the tiny town of Utopia. Luke is lost…but ex-golf pro Johnny Crawford vows to help him find his swing and his spirit.


Seven Days in Utopia

Robert Duvall, Lucas Black, and Kathy Baker star in this sports drama that’s all about heartbreak, conflict, and overcoming life’s struggles while remaining true to yourself.

Luke Chisholm is a young golfer with a promising future. He’s been driven hard by his father in the past, but he’s always managed to channel his anger and use it to succeed to greater heights. That is until he shoots an 18 on a par 4 at his pro tour debut—and has a legendary meltdown that’s captured on television for all the world to see. He’s had it with his overbearing father and fears he may have just driven a nail into the coffin of his fledgling career.

Distraught by his dismal performance, Luke jumps into his car and speeds off. He doesn’t stop until he crashes into a fence in the idyllic Texas hill country town of Utopia. Now that his car is disabled, he’s stuck in Utopia until it can be fixed. Lucas is pretty sure that all is lost…until he meets Johnny Crawford, a retired golf pro with a golf course on his nearby ranch.

Johnny knows a thing or two about golf and life. He promises Luke that if he trusts in him, he’ll teach him everything he needs to know to succeed—all in just one week’s time. At first, Luke doubts that endearing old Johnny has any wisdom that’s worth sharing, but since he has nowhere else to turn (and no way to get there), he agrees to give Johnny’s way a try.

Can this eccentric senior citizen rancher really teach Luke what he needs to know? Has he got the ability to teach him an all-new swing, how to reconcile with his father, and even give him the tools he needs for a spiritual rebirth?

It’s a tall order, but then, Johnny’s a big man who has been around. He’s also got a compassionate heart as big as Texas itself, and Utopia is filled with salt-of-the-earth folks that have welcomed Luke with open arms.

This may be the longest, sorriest week ever—or it may be the beginning of a beautiful new life…