Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan star in this beautifully filmed, gripping Western! A revenge-driven former Confederate Colonel chases an ex-Union officer over snowy mountains, across the plains, and through the desert to exact vengeance. What exactly happened at Seraphim Falls?


Seraphim Falls

Set in the rugged Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, and deserts of the American West, this post-Civil War Western features a pulse-pounding manhunt, bitter secrets, and vengeance rooted in the past.

Seraphim Falls Landscape

A former Union officer named Gideon is hiding in the Ruby Mountains, cooking a hare over an open flame, when shots ring out. Shot in the arm, Gideon realizes that he is now the prey, and he runs away, followed by a gang of pursuers.

Colonel Morsman Carver, a former Confederate officer, has hired a posse to help him track down Gideon and avenge an atrocity committed by Gideon at the end of the war. Carver vows that he will never stop pursuing him until his vengeance is fully realized.

However, Gideon proves to be less than easy prey. Despite his injuries, Gideon is always one step ahead of Colonel Carver and his men. On numerous occasions, he slips out of their grasp just moments before they can pounce. 

For his part, Colonel Carver is nothing if not relentless. He guides his posse over snowy mountains, across the expansive plains, and into an unforgiving desert in order to exact his revenge. If Gideon should run to the ends of the earth, Carver will follow him there.

What did Gideon do to make Carver so bent on revenge? Why won’t Carver give in or give up – and why is he so cold and calculating?

Both men are driven by the secrets of a shared past in Seraphim Falls. But what exactly happened there? Will either of them survive this brutal chase – or a past that rockets them towards a final confrontation?