Rocky V (1990)

Sylvester Stallone Stars

Facing bad health, financial ruin, and retirement, Rocky teaches young Tommy Gunn everything he knows. But Tommy hates living in Rocky’s shadow. Will this protégé help Rocky get back on his feet—or destroy him?

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Rocky V

Stars Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire and Sage Stallone. This time out, Rocky battles his health, bankruptcy, and an upstart protégé who wants to bring him down!

Following Rocky’s triumphant bout with Ivan Drago, he begins to notice that his hands will not stop shaking. He tries to hide it, but when he turns to talk to Adrian and he calls her Mickey, they both realize that something is very wrong. While at a press conference upon his return to the United States, Rocky is challenged to another big fight, but he hints that he may retire instead.

Tired and shaky, Rocky goes home and looks forward to spending time with his son, Robert Jr. Instead, he overhears Adrian and Paulie arguing and learns that his accountant has embezzled almost all of his money—and he is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

To avoid losing everything, Rocky decides to fight again. But after seeing a new doctor, he is diagnosed with irreversible brain damage. He moves his family into the small home in Philly where Adrian grew up and decides to reopen Mickey’s gym, which had been left to Robert Jr. in Mickey’s will.

He gets his first real glimmer of hope again when he meets young Tommy Gunn. Rocky thinks he can make a champion out of him and teaches him everything he knows. The press calls Tommy “Rocky’s Robot” and mocks him as an undeserving heir to Rocky’s old throne. Angry and resentful, Tommy leaves Rocky for a rival trainer.

But leaving isn’t enough for Tommy. He wants to destroy Rocky, and if he can’t beat him in the ring, he’ll fight him in the streets.

Which would be a smart move…if his opponent were not Rocky Balboa….