A chance meeting with an angry truck driver turns an ordinary car ride on a lonely stretch of highway into a series of near death events for salesman David Mann. Will he escape—or is this the end of the road for him?



Dennis Weaver stars in this turbo charged thriller directed by Steven Spielberg (one of his first films!) This tense, taut movie begins with an innocent scenario and ends with an unforgettable bang….

A mild mannered electronics salesman, David Mann, heads out on a deserted stretch of road in Southern California. He is on his way to an important meeting with a client when he ends up stuck behind a slow-moving oil tanker. Since the truck driver seems to be in no particular rush, Mann passes him and continues on his journey.

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A little further down the road, the tanker is back, and this time he overtakes Mann and passes him. He slows down to a crawl, tapping on his brakes to annoy Mann and then speeding up to keep him from going around him. When he finally does wave Mann on to pass, Mann is almost hit head on by another vehicle.

The truck driver ramps up the hostilities as he tailgates and terrorizes Mann, who loses control of his car and crashes into a fence. He steps into a nearby diner to compose himself, only to see the truck outside in the parking lot. Although Mann wants to avoid the homicidal trucker, he cannot shake him.

Soon, Mann realizes that no matter what he does, there is no alternate route he can use to avoid the trucker…and no means to escape.

What started out as a chance meeting on a lonely highway is now escalating into a series of harrowing near death events. Murder seems to be on the trucker’s mind…and death is in the rearview mirror. Now Mann wonders: will he be able to shake this maniac in the big rig—or is this the end of the road for him?