Alan Ladd stars! A gunfighter on the run poses as a wealthy cattleman’s kidnapped son so he can inherit their ranch. But when he falls for their daughter, Ruth, he hopes to find a way out…



Alan Ladd and Mona Freeman star! Filmed in brilliant technicolor in the mountains of Arizona and Utah, this movie is a sight to behold. And its compelling story entertains with edge-of-your-seat action! Choya, a gunfighter on the lam, is tracked to his mountain hideout by unscrupulous cowboy T. Jefferson Leffington (Leff, for short) and his sidekick, Tattoo. They propose an agreement; they want Choya to pose as the long-ago kidnapped son of the wealthy Lavery family—and help them steal Lavery’s home, cattle, and money. But once Choya is on the ranch, he begins to regret his decision. The family treats him with great kindness, and their daughter, Ruth, is very pretty. Now Choya wonders: is he in too deep to turn back?