Del Rockwell aims to capture a wild stallion to breed on his new ranch. Two neighbors also want the majestic horse—one with ill intent. Now, Del must catch the powerful stallion before it’s too late.


Black Horse Canyon

Stars Joel McCrea and Mari Blanchard!

Del “Rock” Rockwell may be new to ranching after years of drifting, but he knows horses. Now that he’s set up his homestead with his 20-year-old adopted son and business partner, Ti, all he needs is an impressive stallion to ensure his mares are producing quality foals—and he knows exactly the horse he wants: a wild black stallion fellow ranchers call Outlaw.  

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Rock is determined to capture the majestic horse, but he’s not the only one who wants to trap and tame the spirited equine. Fiery Aldis Spain, who lives with her uncle on a neighboring ranch, has her own reasons for taming Outlaw. Though Rock is in the dark, most everyone acknowledges she used to own Outlaw as a colt. The horse was a handful, a whirlwind of unharnessed energy. He ran off wild and free, and is now luring mares from ranchers’ herds to join his wild band. Aldis wants the horse back, and she wants Rock to train the rogue stallion. She uses all her charms to get him to agree to catch the horse, but soon she finds herself genuinely attracted to him. Though Rock scoffs at her, deep down, he returns her affection, much to the dismay of Ti, who also has eyes for their beautiful neighbor.

As Rock and Aldis join forces to bring the stallion in from the wild, chasing him down, attempting to lasso the bucking, snorting horse, unscrupulous rival rancher Harry Jennings, and his vicious henchmen will do anything to get their hands on Outlaw. Harry’s hatred for Aldis and Rock is so vile; he would rather shoot the horse dead, than see the stallion on either of their ranches.

Rock and Harry already had one run-in, but Harry’s hideous threat fuels Rock’s determination. Now, his mission has changed. Rock must use all his intuition and horsemanship skills to catch Outlaw, not just to possess a stunning stallion, but to save the horse’s life.

Trivia: Joel McCrea grew up on a ranch, and was an avid outdoorsman. He once described his career as “rancher,” and his hobby as “acting.”