Air Force One

Harrison Ford Stars

Terrorists hijack Air Force One, threatening the lives of all on board…including the President, his wife, and daughter. But the President, a Veteran, vows to fight for his family’s lives and the honor of the country he has sworn to protect.

Air Force One

Harrison Ford, Glenn Close, and Gary Oldman star in this pulse-pounding political action thriller about a hostage takeover…and the President who will not sit by and watch while terrorists threaten to destroy his family and friends aboard Air Force One.

American and Russian Special Forces capture General Ivan Radek, the vicious dictator of a terrorist regime in Kazakhstan that is responsible for stealing nuclear weapons from the Soviets. Three weeks later, U.S. President James Marshall attends a diplomatic dinner in Moscow, where he surprises everyone by declaring that the U.S. has adopted a “zero-tolerance” policy that means that the United States will no longer negotiate with terrorists.

Following the speech, the President, his family, and his staff board Air Force One for the trip home to the United States. However, his zero-tolerance policy is immediately put to the test after Communist radicals hijack the plane and take the passengers hostage. In the ensuing chaos, Secret Service agents grab President Marshall and hurry him to an escape pod in the cargo hold, leading the hijackers to believe that he has escaped.  

But during the shootout on board, Marshall—a Vietnam veteran and Medal of Honor recipient—doesn’t escape. Instead, he hides aboard the plane, vowing to save his family and the hostages from these violent thugs.

While the President begins to take out each terrorist one by one, terrorist leader Egor Korshunov contacts Vice President Kathryn Bennett and orders the release of General Radek, vowing to kill one hostage every half hour unless their demands are met.

Time is running out for President Marshall. He must move methodically if he hopes to save his family. But will he be able to complete this mission without sacrificing his country’s honor—and the lives of his everyone onboard Air Force One?