Western Legends Month

Featuring 14 Western Stars!

It’s Western Legends Month! From stampedes to showdowns, land grabs to love, they don’t call it the Wild West for nothing! Saddle up with 14 Western stars in 13 action-packed movies the entire month of October!

Western Legends Month

Every Weekend in October

Get Ready for a Wild Ride in October!

From stampedes to showdowns, land grabs to love, they don’t call it the Wild West for nothing! Saddle up with 14 Western stars in 13 action-packed movies all month long.


Seven Ways from Sundown (1960)

Stars Audie Murphy

Fri, Oct 4 | 9PM ET

“Seven Ways From Sundown” Jones must bring notorious outlaw Jim Flood back to a Texas prison from New Mexico. Along the way, the pair forms a curious friendship. Now, will friendship—or justice—prevail?


Western Union (1941)

Stars Randolph Scott

Sat, Oct 5 | 8PM ET

As the Western Union telegraph company struggles to complete their cross-country connection, they hire a reformed outlaw to work alongside a greenhorn surveyor from the East.


The Shadow Riders (1982)

Stars Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott

Sun, Oct 6 | 2PM ET

Brothers on opposite sides of the Civil War return home to find their family kidnapped by marauding raiders who refuse to accept that the Confederacy lost. Now the siblings must work together in a rescue mission.


Bend of the River (1952)

Stars James Stewart

Sun, Oct 6 | 8PM ET

Hoping to start fresh, former outlaw, Glyn McLyntock, leads a wagon train of settlers to the wilds of Oregon. Then a friend betrays him, stealing much-needed supplies. Now as winter approaches, the settlers may not survive—unless McLyntock can take back what’s theirs.


Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge (1987)

Stars James Arness

Sun, Oct 6 | 11PM ET

Now retired and injured, U.S. Marshal, Matt Dillon allows Miss Kitty to nurse him back to health in Dodge City. But danger lurks, as an old enemy, is out for vengeance, and his target is Dillon.


Rio Lobo (1970)

Stars John Wayne

Fri, Oct 11 | 8PM ET

Ex-Union Army Colonel Cord McNally joins former enemy, ex-Confederate Captain Pierre Cordona in search of Civil War traitors, and all clues lead to the town of Rio Lobo, where the outlaws hold brutal control.


Yellow Sky (1948)

Stars Gregory Peck and Richard Widmark

Sat, Oct 12 | 8PM ET

When a band of outlaws find themselves lost and near death in the desert, they happen upon Yellow Sky, a ghost town with only an old man, his mysterious daughter and a hidden secret.


Broken Lance (1948)

Stars Richard Widmark

Sun, Oct 13 | 2PM ET

When rigid cattle baron Matt Devereaux dies, Joe, his half-Indian son by his second wife must fight not only the rising bigotry his father kept at bay, but also his scheming, jealous, white half-brothers, who want him out of the picture—by any means.


McLintock! (1963)

Stars John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara

Sun, Oct 13 | 11PM ET

Rancher GW McLintock has a whole passel of troubles. Though wealthy and newly-single, he’s battling corrupt government officials, dealing with homesteaders, and more. Now, he faces his biggest challenge. His wife, Katherine is back, bent on divorce and custody of their teenage daughter. But GW has other plans. In the midst of gunfights, brawls and an Indian uprising, can he convince his high-society ex to fall in love again?


The Violent Man (1955)

Stars Glenn Ford and Barbara Stanwyck

Sat, Oct 19 | 8PM ET

A cattle baron brings trouble when he decides to grab all the land in the region. When a peaceful rancher learns his ranch hand was killed by the cattle baron’s thugs, he rises up to keep his land.


Gunsmoke: The Last Apache (1990)

Stars James Arness

Sun, Oct 20 | 11PM ET

Marshal Matt Dillon rides again in this heartwarming and inspiring reunion movie! This time, he’s on a mission to save the daughter he never knew he had – and see that justice is served for two young Indian boys.


Buffalo Bill (1944)

Stars Joel McCrea and Maureen O’Hara

Sat, Oct 26 | 8PM ET

The story of Western legend William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, from his adventures as an army scout to being the host and owner of his Wild West show.


The Way West (1967)

Stars Kirk Douglas

Sun, Oct 27 | 2PM ET

Former U.S. Senator William Tadlock leads a wagon train west on the Oregon Trail. Nothing will deter him from his grand plan, neither rebellious settlers, nor vengeful Indians. Over the course of the drive west, all will be tested to the extreme.