A Double Feature Weekend

He’s tall in the saddle among the greatest Western actors of all time—Randolph Scott. Saddle up with the suave star in this 2-night event featuring his Western movies.


The Randolph Scott BOGO Event – A Double Feature Weekend

Ride the Trail with Randolph Scott!

He sits tall in the saddle among the greatest Western actors of all time—Randolph Scott. In his long Hollywood career, Scott played a variety of roles, from horror to musicals, romantic comedies to war movies, but the Western genre made him a star.

Scott once said, “[Westerns] have been the mainstay of the industry ever since its beginning. And they have been good to me. Westerns are a type of picture which everybody can see and enjoy.”

So enjoy these action-packed Westerns starring Randolph Scott.


Double Feature!

Movies back-to-back!

Sat, Jan 16 | 8PM ET

Sun, Jan 17 | 11:30PM ET

Ride Lonesome

“A man needs a reason to ride this country. You got a reason?” – Ben Brigade, Ride Lonesome

Bounty hunter Ben Brigade uses his prisoner as bait to lure the outlaw’s older brother onto his trail. He’ll suffer Comanche attacks, scheming allies, and the older brother’s vengeance gladly—because he’s about to settle a murderous score….


Sat, Jan 16 | 9:30PM ET

Sun, Jan 17 | 1AM ET

Comanche Station

In this inspiring tale, Jefferson Cody must save a kidnapped woman from Comanches on the warpath and money-hungry outlaws along the treacherous terrain of a long and perilous journey home.

Sun, Jan 17 | 2PM ET

The Desperadoes

Cheyenne Rogers comes to town looking for an easy bank heist—but the bank’s already been robbed! Now, he’s going to team up with the local Sheriff to catch the crooks. That is, unless they catch him first…


Double Feature!

Movies back-to-back!

Sun, Jan 17 | 8PM ET

A Lawless Street

Marshal Calem Ware has kept Medicine Bend safe for years, but he’s made enemies—some close to home. Just as the attempts on his life increase, his estranged wife arrives, and he gets shot. Now he must find a way to rescue the town from the selfish men out to destroy it, then convince his wife to reconcile—if he survives.


Sun, Jan 17 | 9:46PM ET 

The Tall T

Would-be rancher Pat Brennan loses his horse in a wager and must ride the stagecoach. When three gunmen attack, Brennan and a wealthy female passenger are held for ransom in this tense Western classic!