The James Arness April Event

James Arness Movies Every Weekend in April!

From War Hero to Hollywood Hero – A Month-long Celebration of James Arness!

The James Arness April Event

Every Weekend in April

A legitimate war hero who earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, among other commendations, James Arness put his real-life leadership experience into the characters he played. This month we pay tribute to his roles as US Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke and as Zebulon Macahan in How the West Was Won.

James Arness as US Marshal Matt Dillon

Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge

Fri, Apr 5 | 9PM ET
Mon, Apr 8 | 1AM ET

Now retired and injured, U.S. Marshal, Matt Dillon allows Miss Kitty to nurse him back to health in Dodge City. But danger lurks, as an old enemy, is out for vengeance, and his target is Dillon.

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Gunsmoke: The Last Apache

Sat, Apr 6 | 8PM ET
Mon, Apr 15 | 1AM ET
Sun, Apr 28 | 2PM ET

Marshal Matt Dillon is startled to learn he has a daughter, and soon finds she has been taken hostage by renegade Apaches. Now, he is determined to rescue her.

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Gunsmoke: To the Last Man

Fri, Apr 12 | 9PM ET
Mon, Apr 22 | 1AM ET
Sun, Apr 28 | 8PM ET

After a gang of cattle rustlers take off with his livestock, retired Marshal Matt Dillon and his daughter head off in hot pursuit. But now vicious vigilantes and feuding farmers may just pull them into a deadly land war.

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Gunsmoke: The Long Ride

Sat, Apr 13 | 8PM ET
Sun, Apr 28 | 11PM ET

Epic Gunsmoke adventure! When a lying witness puts the retired lawman on the Most Wanted List, Dillon is forced to go on the run to find the murderer himself…if he’s not captured or killed first!

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Gunsmoke: One Man’s Justice

Fri, Apr 19 | 9PM ET
Mon, Apr 29 | 1AM ET

The final installment of the Gunsmoke TV movies! After a ruthless gang kills a young mother, her son vows vengeance. Can Marshal Matt Dillon save him—or is the boy destined to share his mother’s fate?

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James Arness as Zeb Macahan

How the West Was Won: The Macahans

Sun, Apr 7 | 2PM ET
Sat, Apr 20 | 8PM ET

When Zeb Macahan, a mountain man from the Rockies, leads his brother’s family westward, their dream of a better life out west faces difficult and dangerous challenges.

How the West Was Won: The Rustler

Sun, Apr 7 | 8PM ET
Sat, Apr 27 | 8PM ET

When Zeb and his nephews wrangle and train wild horses, three boys decide to steal them. Now, Zeb must deal with the young thieves.  A complicated task, since one of them is his niece’s new boyfriend.

How the West Was Won: The Enemy

Sun, Apr 7 | 11PM ET
Sun, Apr 21 | 8PM ET

Zeb Macahan joins a group of soldiers assigned to bring an Indian Chief back to the fort, in hopes of ending attacks on wagons passing west. This mission is led by a young lieutenant who clashes with Zeb.

How the West Was Won: L’Affaire Riel

Sun, Apr 14 | 2PM ET
Sun, Apr 21 | 11PM ET

General Sheridan appeals to Zeb Macahan to search for a dangerous Frenchman and return him to Canada. While Zeb is away, the general finds himself smitten with a member of Zeb’s family.

How the West Was Won: The Scavengers

Sun, Apr 14 | 8PM ET
Fri, Apr 26 | 9PM ET

Zeb, his Niece, and her Aunt are on their way back from St. Louis when the riverboat they are on is attacked by pirates. Zeb is thrown overboard and now must save his kidnapped family.

How the West Was Won: The Slavers

Sun, Apr 14 | 11PM ET

When Zeb’s letters to a friend’s daughter in Mexico are returned to him, he and his nephew head south to find out what happened to the girl. Their arrival in the girl’s hometown causes fear and suspicion.

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