Murphy's Law

An Audie Murphy Weekend Event

Frontier Justice with Audie Murphy All Weekend Long!

Murphy’s Law – An Audie Murphy Weekend Event


Frontier Justice with Audie Murphy All Weekend Long

It’s a hero’s weekend on INSP—starring real-life hero, Audie Murphy!

Born, one of 12 children to Texas sharecropper parents, on June 20, 1925, baby-faced Audie Murphy went on to become the most decorated U.S. soldier fighting in World War II. In all, he earned 33 commendations, including two Purple Hearts, one Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Service Cross.

Upon his hero’s return from Europe at just 21-years-old, LIFE magazine featured his boyish, photogenic face on the July 16, 1945 cover…and his life took an unexpected turn. Inspired by his photo, actor James Cagny invited Murphy to Hollywood, and the brave soldier soon became the iconic brave cowboy.


Sat, June 1 | 8PM ET
Sun, June 2 | 11PM ET

When the local sheriff of a Western frontier town mysteriously dies, the crooked mayor arranges to have the town drunk appointed sheriff. The new sheriff sends for Tom Destry, son of a famous lawman, to be his deputy. Destry isn’t the tough-guy the new sheriff had in mind, but the new deputy’s mild exterior hides his determination to enforce the law.

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Walk the Proud Land

Sun, June 2 | 2PM ET & 1AM ET

Based on the true story of John Phillip Clum, who in the late 1800s is appointed the government agent is in charge of an Apache reservation near Tucson. When Clum makes sure the Indians are treated fairly, he faces a rebellion from a group of angry soldiers and makes an enemy of the powerful Chief Geronimo.

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40 Guns to Apache Pass

Sun, June 2 | 8PM ET

With Apaches on the warpath, led by Cochise, U.S. Army Captain Bruce Coburn needs a shipment of new repeating rifles to defend his fort. When a corrupt corporal steals the rifles intending to sell the guns to Cochise, Coburn gears up for battle with two enemies, one within his own troops.

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