Why The Waltons Still Work…

The Waltons:

How is it possible that a television network in the 20th century could still draw a massive crowd with a show that began airing forty years ago?  Could it be:

-The love of family
-The love of community
-The love of God
-The love of country
-The understanding that achieving dreams is still possible
-The endearing sound of Earl Hamner’s voice

Whether it was Grandma, Grandpa, John Sr., Olivia, John-Boy, Jason, Mary Ellen, Ben, Jim-Bob, any number of the family friends or the family pets, we all have learned something from their experiences on the show.  I have spoken with so many of you over the past few years.  The one message that always remains is that you have watched every episode more times than you can remember, but you always find yourself wanting to watch them one more time and again and again.  Suddenly, you realize that you just watched all fourteen hours of our marathon, and you are so glad that you did.

What is it that draws you back to Walton’s Mountain?  Take a moment and share your thoughts with all of us, and, don’t worry, you won’t be the only one wiping away tears when Grandma comes home today.