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State Plate Thanksgiving Midday Buffet: Nebraska

Thanksgiving Feast – State Plate Style!

What are you whipping up for Thanksgiving? Turkey with all the trimmings? A regional favorite or a secret family recipe? We love discovering tasty delights! So, we’re serving up some of our favorite State Plate tips, trivia and recipes to go along with our weeklong State Plate Thanksgiving Midday Buffet! Dig in! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21st at 1p ET

On the Buffet Menu Today…State Plate: Nebraska

Appetizer: Cheese Frenchies

Entrée: Steak

Side: Corn

Dessert 1: Kolache

Dessert 2: Popcorn Balls


State Plate: Nebraska Fun Food Facts

Be Corny in the Produce Aisle!

To make sure you’re getting the freshest corn, pull back the husk and poke a kernel with your fingernail. If juice squirts and it’s slightly cloudy, the corn is fresh. If there’s no juice or it’s thick, the corn is old.


What’s Your Steak Style?

Most people are pretty particular about how their steak is cooked. Here’s an ordering guide, courtesy of Johnny’s Café website:

  • Rare – Red, cool center
  • Medium Rare – Red, warm center
  • Medium – Pink center
  • Medium Well – No pink
  • Well Done – Cooked throughout

Put a Ring on It!

The Kolache originated as a semi-sweet wedding dessert in Central Europe.


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