State Plate Fall Food Tour

Get Cozy with Some Comfort Food!

Even if you don’t live in “sweater weather” country, everyone loves good, hearty comfort food! So, as the leaves turn orange, yellow and brown, pack your virtual bags, and let’s take a tasty Fall Food Tour!

Your Itinerary…

Pumpkin Spice in New Hampshire!

Soup soothes the soul, and you’ll love a bowl of this creamy pumpkin soup. Feel free to slurp!


Ham it Up in Iowa!

Load them up for a main course or side. Make them minis for appetizers. These versatile ham balls are addictive! Now, don’t hog them! Leave one for someone else!


A Chili for Chilly Times in Montana!

Hearty, delicious, filling—and don’t tell anyone—nutritious! No one will miss the meat in this savory lentil chili!


All About Mom and Apple Pie in West Virginia!


Your sweet tooth is just waiting for this apple delight—easy-to-make and easier-to-eat fried apple pies.





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