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Changes on the Horizon…


That’s a Wrap!

It’s been a fun run, but Monday Night Movies are no more.

Welcome back Mountain Men at 8PM | ET and Wagon Train at 9PM | ET

Riding off into the Sunset: Walker, Texas Ranger

Starting Mon, Oct 18, Walker, Texas Ranger will take a leave of absence. All those kicks and punches, he deserves a break. But you’re in good hands…

Hitch a ride on Wagon Train at 2AM ET (two full hours if you start watching at 1AM ET!)

Hang out with the Cartwrights in Bonanza, The Lost Episodes at 3AM ET.

Bonanza, The Lost Episodes on INSP



Centennial Makes an Epic Return

Centennial on INSP

Saturdays, Nov 6 through Jan 22, 2022, watch the 12-episode saga of love, power, deceit, struggle, grit and, ultimately, hope spanning two centuries—starting with a group of pioneers who fight against all odds to settle a town in Colorado.

Note: on Nov 6 and Jan 22, 3-hour episodes of Centennial will pre-empt The Big Valley. Fear not! The Barkleys will be back the following weeks.

Centennial will replace Alias Smith and Jones for its entire run.

The Bounty Hunter Is Back

Wanted Dead or Alive on INSP

Starting Sun, Nov 14 at 5:30PM ET, Steve McQueen returns as bounty hunter Josh Randall in Wanted Dead or Alive.



More Time with Matt

On Tues, Dec 14 at 11AM ET, Gunsmoke goes from 30-minute episodes to the season 7 hour-long stories. That’s double the time in Dodge. Meet up at The Long Branch?