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Changing Times…

Yes, change is inevitable, especially these days. Surely, you’ve had to make adjustments to your lifestyle. Like you, we at INSP must make some necessary changes as a network. We’re so grateful for your loyal viewership. Please enjoy your favorite INSP shows, and know that we’re working hard to bring you more exciting shows and movies in the coming months. Hang in there! Be safe. Be well. Stay home! Relax and find comfort with familiar faces on INSP!


The Cowboy Way 

Because of current events in our country, we must delay the new season of The Cowboy Way. As soon as the episodes are completed, and we have a new airdate, we’ll announce it, and we can all shout, “Yeehaw!”
Until then, get your dose of Bubba, Booger, Cody and their families on Amazon, Roku, and Tubi.



Ultimate Cowboy Showdown

Yes, even rough, tough cowboys have to quarantine! Unfortunately, that means season 2 of Ultimate Cowboy Showdown will be postponed to a later date. But, you can re-live all the excitement, the drama, the laughs and the hint of sweet romance of season 1, starting Tuesday, June 23 at 9PM ET. Can’t wait until June? Watch on Amazon!


Starting April 8 through May 27 | 9PM ET


The Virginian

The mystery man takes over prime time! The Virginian will air Wednesdays at 9PM ET.


Starting April 8 through May 27 | 1AM ET


The Big Valley

Just for our night owls! The Big Valley will air Wednesdays at 1AM ET. The Barkleys will be waiting for you, but if you need your shut eye, set your DVR!


Starting April 8


Gunsmoke 30-minute episodes will air on Wednesdays at 10:30PM ET. The night isn’t over! So take a quick jaunt to Dodge.


Starting Wednesday, April 22

Mountain Men

The Mountain Men series will start over from the beginning, so if you missed a few episodes, or you just like life off the grid, take a walk on the wild side with Eustace, Tom, Marty and Rich. Watch Mon – Thurs | 8PM ET.


Good Afternoon, John-Boy! Great News for Fans of The Waltons!

Starting Monday, April 27 | 3PM & 4PM ET, Weekdays

The Waltons

John-Boy and the family are time traveling—from early mornings to weekday afternoons. So journey to another era yourself, and enjoy some time on the mountain with one of America’s most beloved families—the Waltons


The Sun Rises with Westerns!

Cowboys, lawmen, and ranchers rarely hit the snooze button, so rise, shine, saddle up and ride! Or set your DVR, settle in your comfy chair, and watch later.

Starting Monday, April 27, watch these favorite shows at their new times, weekdays:

7AM ET – Wanted Dead or Alive

8AM ET – The High Chaparral

9AM ET – The Big Valley

10AM ET – Gunsmoke



Wedding Plans on Hold for Here Come the Brides!

Jason, Jeremy, Joshua, all the loggers, and their potential wives living on Bridal Veil Mountain are taking a little break from courting, right now.

While the Brides Are Away…The Macahans Are on the Move!

You can now watch How the West Was Won Sundays at 9AM ET