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Les Calhoun’s Keys to Being Neighborly

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An INSP fan shares his insight and knowledge about a certain Atlanta attorney!

By Guest Blogger Brian Ciampa

One of the most inspiring qualities of INSP characters is their willingness to extend a helping hand. Perhaps one of the best examples of such neighborliness is found in Les Calhoun, the meddlesome neighbor to Ben Matlock. Les took his role as Ben’s neighbor very seriously by popping in (often unannounced) to help when he noticed Ben needing it the most. What were Les’ keys to the warm, neighborly relationship that he offered to Ben? Let’s look at a few.

Help Where Help Is Needed

Sometimes bad things happen to good people and those good people need a helping hand. Les Calhoun understood that. He also understood that helping hand to best come from a neighbor. Do you remember when Ben’s faucet was dripping a little more than usual at seven AM? Les was there bright and early with his mail order toolbox. Or do you remember when Matlock’s latest case was getting in the way of his Christmas shopping? Les was happy to jump in and do the shopping for him! The best part was that Les never troubled his neighbors by expecting them to ask for his help. He knew exactly what they needed. How neighborly!

Okay, Les Calhoun may not have had the best tact when it came to offering his assistance. But his concern for those around him was unmistakable. Nobody can go through life alone. When Matlock tried, Les was there to correct him!

Knowledge Is Power! Share It!

Perhaps as an extension of the great help that he offered, Les was there to share his wealth of knowledge with those who needed it most! Matlock fans will remember that their first introduction to Les involved Les telling Ben that his car was “not an action car.” Who wouldn’t appreciate that information when meeting someone for the first time?

When Ben needed a lesson on how to defend himself, Les did what any neighbor would do; he provided a free, impromptu judo demonstration in Ben’s living room. What a neighbor!

Les Calhoun’s mission in life was to have a great influence on everybody around him. Selflessly sharing his knowledge for the betterment of his friends was one way of accomplishing that. While he was, obviously, a bit aloof, his intentions were impeccable. After all, if offering advice was Les’ way of showing appreciation, then Ben was probably the most loved person in Les’ life!

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Be Generous With Your Talents

Les was a man of many talents. Between his judo and plumbing hobbies, Les enjoyed spending time in the kitchen. It was no secret to anyone that food was one of the delicacies of Ben’s life. So, Les was happy to surprise Ben with some of his favorite recipes, such as beef stroganoff. Never mind the fact that Ben mistook the meal for lamb stew.

Was Les a little pushy when sharing his gifts with others? We all know that this was a part of the humorous chemistry between Les Calhoun and Ben Matlock. Pushy or not, the underlying motives were great. Neighbors exist for us to both enjoy and serve. Les Calhoun understood that. Unfortunately, he sometimes modeled that a little too well for Ben’s taste!

Buy Local

One of the keys to small town life is to remember to contribute to your local economy. Ben Matlock had no shortage of local business with Les Calhoun around. Do you remember when Les needed to update his will? He was happy to throw that business Ben’s way. After all, as Les said, “The person who makes his own will has a fool for a will-maker” (or something like that). Also, Les was happy to not only retain Ben as a defense attorney when he was wrongly accused of killing T.J. Cassidy. He offered his help in solving the case!

In all seriousness, Matlock fans know that given a choice, Les’ “business” would probably not have been Ben’s first pick. However, both Ben and Les modeled the importance of helping out a neighbor. Furthermore, when living next door to somebody like Les Calhoun, life was never dull!

Nobody aspires to live a boring life. Matlock fans will attest that Les Calhoun was quite adept at “protecting” Ben from such monotony!

What are some of the lessons that you’ve learned from Ben Matlock’s inquisitive neighbor? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!


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