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Karen Grassle Memories: Michael Landon Tribute

Little House on the Prairie: WEEKDAYS 5PM & 6PM ET

A Tribute to “Pa” from “Ma”

They endured their share of tough times and heartbreaking tragedies, and though life on the prairie was not easy, their family prospered because “Ma” and “Pa” raised their family with faith, love, respect, compassion, joy and a great sense of humor. Charles and Caroline Ingalls were model parents, a loving couple, adored by their fans to this day.

Enjoy these excerpts from a note sent to us from Karen Grassle who played strong, yet nurturing Caroline Ingalls.

Karen Grassle Shares Memories


Us about to pray and bursting into laughter…when Mike got off one of his private jokes to me during the photo shoot.
He endeared himself to me because the photographer had said something unkind to me and Mike made it into a joke at the photographer’s expense. I have to say though, that photographer got some great shots that day–and this was one of them.


When I see this shot of Pa holding Ma’s face, I can see why the audience fell in love with these two. We were facing tough times and he was appreciating Ma’s support. One of many times, I believe Pa said “Caroline Ingalls, I love you.”

These are sweet memories. Thanks INSP! Wish I’d had time to do and say more in honor of Mike and his amazing output.