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INSP Debuts on Telfie

logo_telfietv_shadowWhen TV meets selfie, you get Telfie! Telfie is a leading social TV network that lets you connect with other fans just like you, through your favorite shows, which you can share in the Telfie network, on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Let’s say you’re a big fan of State Plate and Handcrafted America. (Of course, you are!). You can let your friends and family know that you’re watching so they can watch, too. As soon as you “check in” to share a show, you’ll unlock a fun, exclusive, INSP digital sticker, like a badge.

Here’s how it works:

FREE Sign Up:

There are a couple of ways to get started.

On the Web – You can use the Telfie website to register. Set up your account at www.telfie.com.

Get the App – Or go to the app store, and download the Telfie app, available for iOS or Android, also for FREE.

Everyone loves FREE! Follow the instructions to create your account.

Check In to Your INSP Shows:

While you’re watching State Plate or Handcrafted America, “check in” with Telfie, and share your thoughts with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr—with just a few quick clicks. Easy, right?

When you check in, you’ll get to see all the other fans who are also watching. That’s one fun virtual viewing party!

  1.    Search for State Plate and Handcrafted America in the search bar.
  2.    Select the show from the search list.
  3.    Highlight the social platforms you’d like to share your check-in to
    1. You can post to all three, or just one!
  4.    Add an optional message, or just hit “Check In.”

Earn Exclusive INSP Digital Stickers:

As soon as a show starts, your sticker is automatically unlocked. You earn it as soon as you check in and share, but hurry! It remains unlocked for a limited time only! You have 3.5 hours to check in, share, and claim your sticker. Digital stickers are always FREE!

Let’s take INSP’s Original New Series State Plate, for example. The show, hosted by Taylor Hicks, starts at 9p ET on Friday. At the start of the show, your sticker will be unlocked and available for you to share and claim. You could take a minute at the beginning of the show, or during the first commercial break to go into Telfie, check in, and share. Or, if you’re so engrossed by Taylor’s witty banter that you forget, you have 3.5 hours from the start time, or until 12:30a ET to share and claim your sticker. For your Handcrafted America sticker, you’d have until 1a ET to check in. Don’t forget to check your local listings for showtimes in your area, or do the time zone math.

state-plate-week-2-socialLike admiring your stickers? Click “Stickers” in the bottom menu bar of your app to view them all!

The Real Deal: By collecting Telfie Reward Credits, you can earn a sheet of actual INSP stickers that you can use to decorate a journal, notecards, a wall calendar, a bulletin board or other items.

We’re happy to partner with Telfie to bring you another way to connect with INSP original shows!

Tune in to Destination Fridays on INSP.

Watch these shows to start collecting your exclusive INSP stickers with Telfie!

State Plate 9p ET

Handcrafted America 9:30p ET
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