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Little House on the Prairie can have you sobbing tears of sadness—or joy—in one episode and have you laughing in the next. Let’s have some fun with a few blips, bloopers and inconsistencies that survived the editing room.

Bad Hair Days

Season 5: There’s No Place Like Home (Part 2)

Walnut Grove is a ghost town and Lars is bedridden. When he hears the church bell ring, he rises from his mattress, and struggles to the window, his hair a mess. The next shot shows him leaning out the window, hair neatly combed. Seconds later, we see him with Jonathan Garvey, inside the bedroom, and Lars’ hair is once again tousled.




Season 8: A Wiser Heart

Now married and a teacher, Laura travels to Arizona to meet her sister-in-law at a summer-long literature seminar where Ralph Waldo Emerson is to lecture at one class. Laura takes a job washing dishes near the college to pay for her expenses, but the boss, Mrs. Pierce, is a mean-spirited, ogre of a woman. After Laura finally gets paid, she quits, but Mrs. Pierce becomes belligerent and grabs Laura’s arm. Laura pushes her off and Mrs. Pierce falls backwards on her rear end, into a large tub of water. We see her with dry hair. After the camera cuts away for a second, then back to Mrs. Pierce, her hair is sopping wet.




Pinafore No More

Season 2: The Gift

While fishing, Mary is about to confess to Pa that she had misused the money entrusted to her for Reverend Alden’s gift. Instead she chickens out and impulsively gets up to go berry picking. As she leaves the scene with Laura, she’s wearing a blue pinafore over her pink dress. In the next scene, the girls are walking up the hill away from Pa, and Mary is now wearing only the pink dress.




See Spot. See Spot Gone…

Season 1: Ma’s Holiday

Caroline gets a rare opportunity to accompany Charles on a business trip to Mankato. They decide to make it a second honeymoon. When their original babysitting plans fall through, Isaiah Edwards steps in to take care of the girls. In a scene near the beginning of the episode, Edwards and the Ingalls’ kids are having dinner and Mr. Edwards tries to feed baby Carrie, but spills food on her dress. In the next shot, the dress is clean, then dirty, then clean again!