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A Bull is on the Loose! The Cowboy Way – Tonight at 8p ET

Round up the Family for Tonight’s Episode of The Cowboy Way!

A rogue bull escapes a neighbor’s ranch and is loose among the Faith Cattle Company’s herd of cows. Forget a bull in a china shop; this is a frisky bull in a herd of pretty cows! Bubba, Booger and Cody have to separate the belligerent (and not terribly attractive) bovine from their herd before he breeds any of their cows. It’s risky business, and the bull is not making it easy.

On the home front, Bubba and Kaley prepare their home for when their baby girl arrives, and mentally prepare themselves for being first-time parents. Cody has given up the tie-down calf-roping competitive rodeo life, but not rodeo altogether. Now on the outside of the arena, he’s taken a job producing a huge event. The pressure is on to ensure that all the rodeo events are filled and a profit is made, in order to secure the trust of the backers. If he fails, it will mean losing a vital source of income for his family.

Meanwhile, Booger has a challenge of his own. Well-known in the area as an expert horse trainer, he receives a call from a distressed neighbor. A mare that she’s been riding for quite some time, and loves dearly, has developed some unruly manners under saddle. The owner has fallen off and gotten hurt a couple of times, and now it’s come to the point of no return. If Booger can’t figure out what’s wrong with the mare, and retrain her, the horse will have to be put down.

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