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Bubba’s Got a Brainstorm! The Cowboy Way – Tonight at 8p ET

Gallop into a Brand-New Episode of The Cowboy Way!

Cowboys, Bubba, Cody and Booger are up against the clock to deliver a load of cattle to a buyer. As luck would have it, their truck gets stuck in a ditch. It’s all hands on deck to get the truck on the road, or the deal is off. With all the new changes going on in their lives, the last thing they need is to lose a sale.

Looking to bring in some extra money, Bubba and his father-in-law join forces in a new business venture, building a prototype for a custom grill. With a baby on the way, Cody decides to sell one of his prize horses to help fund his dream house, but the offer he gets is way short of what he was asking. And is love in the air for Booger? Turning to his best buddies for “romance” advice, Booger asks his good friend, Ashley, out on a date.

Ride with The Cowboy Way TONIGHT at 8p ET on INSP!

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