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The Boys Go Hog Wild on The Cowboy Way – Tonight at 8p ET

Cowboy up! Watch The Cowboy Way Tonight!

Well, the boys said they like to chase critters, and this week they may get their fill! First, a wild hog has been having a field say in a neighbor’s garden, and the boys ride to the rescue to get the prowling porker off the premises before it does more damage. Then as the guys are moving their herd of cattle, a calf goes missing. The errant bovine takes the guys on a raucous romp through a swamp.

On the homefront, Cody and Misty try to decide on a name for their baby. For inspiration, they study their respective family trees.

Disheartened after a disappointing attempt at internet dating, Booger is about to give up. But Misty convinces him to put himself out there one more time, on a blind date that she arranges. Will he finally find a woman who understands, and can handle the cowboy way of life?

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