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A Celebration on INSP

The Virginian Blog:

For more than five years, INSP has delighted audiences with eight seasons of THE VIRGINIAN. The popular western has been a daily destination for thousands of loyal viewers, while providing a new generation the opportunity to fall in love with the series, its characters and its timeless stories.

In 1961, THE VIRGINIAN was groundbreaking.  Never before had a 90-minute episode been aired on network television.  Each week, viewers were treated to movie-length dramas with a cast that was second to none.   Today, audiences continue to enthusiastically embrace the show and its cast.

In 2011, INSP had the honor of celebrating the 50th anniversary of THE VIRGINIAN with the original cast members at the Gene Autry Museum in Los Angeles.  It was a gala to remember.  Who could have imagined that, fifty years later, the series would continue to draw audiences from across the nation and around the world?

During our time with the beloved stars of the show, INSP was able to capture special moments with cast members.  We filmed behind-the-scenes footage as they shared the memories and episodes they loved most.  We put these together in a video series of CAST FAVORITES.  James Drury (The Virginian), Clu Gulager, Roberta Shore, Gary Clarke, Diane Roter, Don Quine and others shared stories that had never been told.  Today, these can be viewed on the INSP website.  We count it a privilege to have forever preserved a part of THE VIRGINIAN history.

On September 21st, the last episode of the eighth season will air, as THE VIRGINIAN takes its final ride on INSP.

On September 30th, INSP premieres the last chapter of The Virginian saga with the stunning final season, MEN FROM SHILOH.

We are confident that audiences will enjoy the ninth and final chapter of this timeless classic.


As part of our celebration of THE VIRGINIAN, INSP is giving away the complete DVD set of the series and sharing the segments filmed during the 50th anniversary.

To enter the sweepstakes, please visit:  www.insp.com/sweepstakes

To view behind-the-scenes stories from James Drury, please visit: /shows/the-virginian/videos/

To view behind-the-scenes stories from the Cast, please visit: /shows/the-virginian/cast-videos/

To find more information about THE VIRGINIAN: /shows/the-virginian/