10 Ways to Channel Your Inner John-Boy

The Waltons:

1. Take up Journaling

Write well into the night about family, friends, your hopes and dreams.


2. Be Vulnerable

Be open to falling in love. (Uh, perhaps not as often as John-Boy!)


3. Fight for What’s Right

If you see an injustice, go out on a limb to correct it.


4. Be Responsible

If you goof up, own up!


5. Don’t Be Embarrassed if You Blush

You can follow your passion and still be humble; be shy and achieve great things.


6. Happy? Shout Yaaaahooooooo at the Top of Your Lungs!

Never be afraid to laugh out loud or celebrate a victory with a boisterous woohoo!


7. Share Your Knowledge and Passion

If you’re good at something, help someone who’s just learning.


8. Make Keen Observations about Human Nature

John-Boy: Well, she’s just crazy; everybody goes crazy when you’re thirteen.


9. Take a Risk

Go to bat for what you believe in, no matter if the odds are against you.

10. Always Go to Sleep with a Clear Conscience and a Kind Heart.

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