Sweepstakes Winners


Vikki P. – Winner! INSP Summer Kickoff Sweepstakes

Here is what Vikki P. from Willisburg, KY had to say about INSP:


Thanks for the wonderful gift. How nice and exciting it is to win something ! INSP is the place to go to get family-friendly entertainment. My husband loves the Western themed shows. Summer has always been a special time for my family. Every year we take time to relax and reconnect. We’ve traveled from Seattle to the Florida Keys and had so many memorable trips. We always gravitate to places with water; for fishing or just laying in the sun, relaxing and reading good books. Now that we have grandchildren, they are continuing the tradition. Thanks for making this summer special with the gift pack!

Judy B. – Winner! Saddle Up Saturday DVD Sweepstakes

Here is what Judy B. from Fishers, IN had to say about INSP:


Yee-haw!  It is hard to corral my enthusiasm and excitement upon receiving the news about winning the INSP Saddle Up Saturday DVD Sweepstakes!  I look forward to having viewing parties with my family and friends.  Every time I watch Saddle Up Saturday programs, I’m reminded of simpler times when as a child, I would dress up in my cowgirl outfit and red cowgirl boots while riding my ‘stick pony’ around the living room.  As I grew older, I remember being in love with Joe Cartwright, Heath and Nick Barkley, and The Virginian.  I prefer to think of Saddle Up Saturday as a ‘Hunk-a-Thon’ vs. a TV marathon of westerns!   These shows on INSP make me laugh, cry, and get my giddy-up!

Marla S. – Winner! JAG DVD Sweepstakes

Here is what Marla S. from Stevens Point, WI had to say about INSP:


I am excited to win this prize from INSP as I love the JAG series. I love watching it as I am a military buff and I love the Navy especially (my parents were in the Navy). I became a fan because of the show because it was well written and well acted.


Leon C. – Winner! Little House DVD Sweepstakes

Here is what Leon C. from Bartlesville, OK had to say about INSP:


I am very pleased to learn that I won the complete set of “Little House on the Prairie” DVDs from INSP.  We  have been very pleased to watch the high quality programing that INSP provides.  We especially like Little House on the Prairie, Matlock, JAG and The Waltons.  Keep the good programing coming.


Christine C. – Winner! Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman DVD Sweepstakes

Here is what Christine C. from Newark, DE had to say about INSP:


I couldn’t be more excited to have won this particular DVD collection from INSP. First, I am very appreciative of the programming on this station. In the crazy world we live in, I prefer to watch, to have my daughter watch, ‘older’ shows with the family values that is the very heart of INSP.

Dr. Quinn has been a wonderful teaching tool for myself as well as for my daughter; a stepping stone if you will. This program has allowed me to use the topics presented as a way to further explore and research the important issues of the times. The more I study, the more I have opened my own mind to different possibilities and ideas; for that I am grateful.

Lastly, the importance of each member of the entire cast and the chemistry of all the actors was absolutely brilliant. I do not think a show of this magnitude could ever be replicated. Watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman whenever I can, brings me pure happiness and joy, which is what a television show should do.

Again, thank you so very much!

Debbie F. – Winner! I Love INSP $500 Gift Card Sweepstakes

Here is what Debbie F. from Spokane, WA had to say about INSP:


I love INSP because every day I get to take a time-travel back to a sweeter, kinder time! Families who worked, played and prayed together all wrapped up in a huge hug of laughter to brighten today’s troubles.


Becky I. – Winner! Matlock DVD Sweepstakes

Here is what Becky I. from Lawrenceville, IL had to say:


I’ve been a huge Andy Griffith fan since I was a very young girl watching The Andy Griffith Show, and watched everything he made. I loved that he was such a normal hometown guy with a good clean sense of humor. We need more of that today! I watch Matlock every night on INSP. To me, Matlock is Andy Griffith but instead of being a sheriff, he’s an attorney. He used the same common sense and the same morals in both shows, and Ben Matlock always comes up with the answers and catches the bad guy. I just love and miss Andy Griffith. He was a true American icon.

Susie R. – Winner! JAG DVD Sweepstakes

Here is what Susie R. from Pensacola, FL had to say:


I always enjoyed this series, and I am looking forward to watching it again. I come from a family with a naval heritage–my grandfather was a career naval officer. JAG was very well written and the cast was terrific. I especially enjoyed seeing Catherine Bell on the series. Thanks so much for offering this wonderful prize. I can’t wait to receive it!


Ken W. – Winner! JAG DVD Sweepstakes

Here is what Ken W. from Vail, AZ had to say:

IMG_1321As a retired member of the military, I enjoyed watching the show the first time it was on. It was a nice family show and I am excited to watch it again.


Robin M. – Winner! Salute Our Soliders Photo Contest

Here is what Robin M. from Hendersonville, NC had to say:

I am so proud of my husband to have served in the Navy during the Vietnam Nam War. Ed joined up to serve his country and he believes in FREEDOM for us. It warms my heart when he wears his Veteran’s hat and people come up to him and say thank you for your service. We love JAG and were saddened when it went off the air. Now we will be able to watch it everyday on INSP or anytime with the new DVD collection. We have been watching INSP for several years now, and we enjoy the shows and movies that you air.

Jeannie E. – Winner! Amazing Animals Photo Contest

Here is what Jeannie from Mulberry, FL had to say:

My dog Echo is amazing to me because he is very loyal and he is a great companion. For instance, one day I fell and Echo stayed by my side the whole time until my husband came home. He is great around my grandchildren and he is very alert, like my watch dog, and is very protective over his family. He’s my spoiled little brat!

I was very ecstatic when I won the contest because I have never won anything before. I couldn’t even sleep at all that night! I grew up watching the Waltons, and I lived in Virginia growing up so this means a great deal to me. I love INSP because it has all the great shows that I loved watching while I was growing up and still watch to this day. Thank you, INSP!

Vicki M. – Winner! Waltons DVD Sweepstakes

Here is what Vicki from Newport News, VA had to say:

Since I started watching the INSP channel I have enjoyed all the shows. The Waltons have always been a favorite of mine. When the show first started I was working nights sometimes and missed episodes here and there. To this day every once in a while I see an episode I have never seen! The show has always been an inspiration to me. Being a history buff, I relish the real-life episodes, especially ones dealing with the start of World War II.

I can’t really say which character has always been my favorite but I do know they all have given me a sense of family and togetherness. As long as INSP keeps showing the Waltons and many of the other great shows that you now have on, you will be a great channel with more and more people watching everyday. Everyone nowadays seems to want the family values of old and the Waltons really bring it together. Once again, thank you!

Kathy M. – Winner! Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Sweepstakes

Here is what Kathy from Manchester, NH had to say:


I started watching Dr. Quinn when it was originally on back when I was in college. I liked how there was a strong female main character who did what she believed was right, not what society expected her to do. I found Dr. Quinn on INSP a few years ago just flipping through the channels. I didn’t realize I had INSP on my cable system and was happy to find it. It was a great way to relax at the end of the day. It’s a great show and I’m looking forward to having my own set of DVD’s to watch! Thanks again and I’m so excited that I won!

Joann G. – Winner! Little House on the Prairie Sweepstakes

Here is what Joann from Salem, WV had to say:


I am so excited to have won the “Little House” sweepstakes. There are so many reasons I wanted to win! I have watched the series since the day it premiered and feel like I know each of the characters personally. It is good, wholesome entertainment the whole family can watch together. I have followed each cast member as they matured and branched out into their own careers, and have cried as some of the actors passed from this life to a better one with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Again, I am so excited. Thank You, INSP! Getting to watch the series every day is such a blessing. God bless the work you do!

Rose S. – Winner! Waltons Cruise Sweepstakes

Here is what Rose from Charleston, WV had to say:


I love watching INSP because of all the family oriented shows like The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie. These shows teach family values and are great for the entire family. We watch as much as we can. We became an INSP fan when my cable company starting carrying your channel, and we saw all of the family shows. My late mother was a big fan of Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons. We use to sit and watch The Waltons every night. I loved these shows as a child and still enjoy them just as much today. The Walton’s were like the family I never had, as my father passed when I was 4. I am very excited that INSP airs the Waltons. Because most stations do not have family-oriented shows, I watch INSP before any other. Thanks for airing shows like The Waltons that our entire family can enjoy!

Renee A. – Winner! COURAGE, New Hampshire Watch & Win Sweepstakes

Here is what Renee from Taylor, PA had to say:


I am a huge fan of INSP. Your regular program line up is awesome. It’s filled with family shows that are hard to find elsewhere. My favorites are The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie. I really enjoyed COURAGE, New Hampshire, especially because I like American history. It was extra exciting to see that I was a winner while watching the series! Thank you for the great programming and sweepstakes that you offer.


Edward D. – Winner! Waltons DVD Sweepstakes

Here is what Edward from Mountain Home, AR had to say:


We are so happy and excited about winning the Waltons DVD set! My wife and I watch the Waltons faithfully every night. We like INSP because of the wholesome programming. With all of the problems in our world today, it’s refreshing to have these types of programs where family and faith are showcased. Thank you for making us winners!

Debbie F. – Winner! Virginian DVD Sweepstakes

Here is what Debbie from Spokane, WA had to say:


Thankyou INSP! I’m so grateful to win The Virginian DVDs! This means so much to me, as my father who died a year and a half ago loved western shows and taught me to love them too! I remember watching The Virginian with him as a kid, and loved having that special time with my dad. He was born in Montana and he always dressed like a cowboy, even wearing a black hat like The Virginian! I have been watching The Virginian on INSP saddle up Saturdays ever since my dad died as it makes me feel closer to him, like he’s still here in spirit watching with me. I’m so happy for this wonderful surprise of the DVDs. Thankyou INSP!

Misty S. – Winner! Matlock DVD Sweepstakes

Here is what Misty from Galloway, WV had to say:


I am excited about winning the complete series of Matlock on DVD. My family will enjoy getting to watch the show whenever they want!

Denise M. – Winner! Little House DVD & Book Sweepstakes

Here is what Denise M. from Vacaville, CA had to say:


I would like to thank INSP for such a wonderful prize. You make watching TV fun again! With enough drama in our lives everyday already, you bring us comfort in life and shows that we can enjoy and think about how carefree life was at one time. Thank you again for such great shows and for the prizes that I won! They will be passed to my grandchildren and will be enjoyed as much as I have enjoyed them.

Edward C. – Winner! Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Series on DVD

Here is what Edward C. from Aurora, CO had to say:


Winning the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman DVD’s from INSP was the ultimate ending to a three day weekend. I love watching INSP with my grandson who is only 18 months old. We both enjoy INSP’s programming. He loves the theme songs of Happy Days and then the theme song from Bonanza. His ultimate favorite, as well as mine when I was a teenager, is the Brady Bunch. As soon as any of these come on he stops whatever he is doing and watches them. He loves to see Dr. Quinn riding on her horse and any scenes with Indians in it. I am a fan of Michaela Quinn because she always does the right thing and is a women making a difference in a man’s world. I have three daughters who I brought up believing they could do anything they put their minds too, just like Dr. Quinn. So I now have one daughter who will graduate in May from the Naval Academy and another who will graduate in May from CU Dental School as a Dentist. I enjoy all of INSP programming because I do not have to worry about if it is age appropriate. It is just a wonderful station. Please keep all these great old shows running! Thanks again so much my grandson and I will be watching Dr. Quinn all the time now.

Sandy K. – Winner! The High Chaparral Season 1 on DVD

Here is what Sandy K. from Plaistow, NH had to say:


What a wonderful surprise to receive your call to find out I have won! My mom, Mary, instilled in me a love of westerns. We both love to watch The High Chaparral on INSP as well as other family favorites! We look forward to spending more time together watching our new DVDs! Thank you all very much for this great gift!

Sonia K. – Winner! The High Chaparral Season 1 on DVD

Here is what Sonia K. from Mt. Carmel, IL had to say:


I am so thrilled to be a winner of the INSP The High Chaparral DVD Sweepstakes! I remember watching John, Buck, Blue and the rest of the crew when I was a little girl and have been so delighted to be able to “catch up” with old friends this way. I’m so grateful to INSP for bringing this show and others like it back to life. The Waltons has always been a family favorite as well as Little House on the Prairie and The Brady Bunch. We truly enjoy the INSP lineup and look forward to many years of great television programming that we know our whole family can enjoy. Thank you INSP!

Donna G. from Belews Creek, NC– Winner!

The High Chaparral Season 1 on DVD


Donald E.– Winner!!


Sharlene Rehmann – Winner! The Waltons Complete DVD Series with Season 1 Autographed by members of the cast

Here is what Sharlene R. from Winsted, MN had to say:

I’m so happy to have won. The Waltons have always been a favorite of mine, and I am so glad that we can recapture this simpler life through watching The Waltons on INSP. The family is an inspration to me and reminds me alot of my family growing up. Thank You for your network and for televising The Waltons.

Steve Bryson – The Virginian DVD Sweepstakes Winner! Seasons 1-6 plus The Men From Shiloh on DVD

Here is what Steve B. from Champaign, IL had to say:

I enjoy watching INSP, as many of the shows take me back to my childhood. I have been watching The Waltons on INSP for some time, and was excited when INSP started showing some of my favorite westerns that I watched as a child – The Big Valley, The High Chaparral and, of course, The Virginian. Thank you again, and take care, Steve Bryson.

Carol Seward – Winner! All Nine Seasons of Little House on the Prairie on DVD + The Little House Books

Here is what Carol S. from Janesville, WI had to say:

I feel excited and blessed to have won the Little House on the Prairie DVD and book set. Growing up I read every Little House book I could get from my school library. When my daughter was growing up, I bought the book set for her and now her daughters have enjoyed them as well. I really enjoy being able to watch Little House on INSP in the evenings. Being based on the real life of Laura Ingalls-Wilder, and the books written by her, makes it even more special. Little House is a heartwarming, family oriented show with family values. I will never tire of the show or the books. A big ‘THANK YOU!” INSP for showing family friendly and Christian programs to enjoy!!

Jeff & Regina Poole – Winners! 4-Day Trip to The Waltons International Fan Club Reunion

Here is what Regina P. from Lilburn, GA had to say:

I am so excited to have won The Walton’s Reunion contest. I am thrilled to be able to meet the cast of the show I grew up on and still watch today. I admire the values of family & God that this show represents. Thanks to INSP and The Waltons International Fan Club!

Alicia B.– Winner! 4-Day Dude Ranch Getaway

Here is what Alicia B. from Texas had to say:

Alicia_Shante_BrownSometimes the day to day pressures of life can weigh you down, but you just never know what amazing opportunities await you like the one that INSP has given me! I feel so blessed! Winning this prize has given me a new outlook on life – It has made me and my family breathe a little easier. Words really cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you so much!

Pat C.– Winner! Weber BBQ Grill, Omaha Steak Gift Certificate, Grocery Store Gift Certificate

Here is what Pat C. from Hillsborough, NC, had to say:

Winning this prize from INSP is a complete surprise and wonderful blessing – and it came just in time for my birthday! My family and I have enjoyed so many happy hours watching classic programs on INSP TV. I enjoyed many of these programs in my youth and love being able to share them with my children and grandchildren. Programs such as Dr. Quinn, classic westerns and other traditional family stories are still authentic and meaningful today. May God bless you with continued and ever-expanding success! Thank you so much!

Donald E.– Winner! The Waltons Complete DVD Series with Season 1 Autographed by members of the cast

Michael N.– Winner!!Here is what Donald E. from Jonesboro, AR had to say:

I am very happy to win The Waltons complete series on DVD. I love that the first season is autographed by the cast! Now I can watch them any time I want! I can’t thank INSP enough!!!

Michael N.– Winner! Seasons 1-4 of Happy Days on DVD

Here is what Michael N. from Cochranton, PA had to say:

Donald E.– Winner!!I am very happy to be the winner of the Happy Days DVD’s. I remember watching

Happy Days back in the 70’s. Now it is great to be able to watch it again on INSP. Love watching Richie and Fonzie and the rest of the gang. Thank you INSP for all the other great family shows like Little House and The Walton’s. Keep up the good work !

Michelle R.– Winner! First Edition copy of “Spencer’s Mountain” autographed by Earl Hamner

Here is what Michelle R. from Pace, FL had to say:

Michelle R.– Winner!!I am very excited to win the book Spencer’s Mountain. I will enjoy getting to have the chance to read it. It is even more special since it is autographed by Mr. Hammer. I have always loved watching the Waltons. It is one of my all time favorite series. I have watched all the episodes and movies many times and will continue to watch. I am thankful for all the great shows that I am able to watch on INSP. Thanks for the great programming that you offer.

Kathy G.– Winner! All Nine Season of Little House on the Prairie on DVD + The Little House – Big Adventure Book Set

Here is what Kathy G. from Asheville, NC had to say:

Kathy G.– Winner!!I am very excited to be the winner of the Little House DVD’s and book set. INSP provides me with so much enjoyment. I have been a big fan of the Little House books, TV shows, Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert for so long. I have two young grandsons and will enjoy introducing them to Laura and Walnut Grove as they get older. Thank you INSP for this opportunity. It is a very special prize indeed!

Tom D.– Winner! All Five Seasons of Wind At My Back on DVD

Here is what Tom D. from West Brookfield, MA had to say:

Tom D.– Winner!My wife and I enjoy the wholesome family based programs on INSP. We started watching Wind at My Back when the days grew shorter and nights grew longer. It was very difficult for us to continue watching when the series was moved from an evening viewing slot to day time. Winning all five seasons on DVD allows us to watch the series when it is convenient for us. Thank you!

Warren M.– Winner! All Nine Season of Little House on the Prairie on DVD + The Little House – Big Adventure Book Set

Here is what Warren M. from West Bloomfield, MI had to say:

 Warren M.– Winner!

Thank you, you have made me and my wife so happy. We are so grateful for this prize from INSP. Little House on the Prairie was my favorite show when I was a kid. Little House on the Prairie harkens back to a day when the family could watch tv together. The stuff that is on most of these “channels” nowadays is not worthy of my family time. We appreciate INSP for thinking of the family first and not just profits. Thanks again

Sandy N.– Winner! The Waltons Complete DVD Series with Season 1 Autographed by members of the cast

Here is what Sandy N. from Shenandoah, IA had to say:

 Sandy N.– Winner! Our family loves watching INSP! The Waltons is one of our favorite shows. I think we’ve watched every episode ever aired. We love the good, quality, wholesome shows that your station plays and I love that my kids can enjoy shows that I grew up with. We are looking forward to Little House on the Prairie and Happy Days starting up in January! Keep up the great work, INSP; you’ve got a great station!!!

Brandie M.– Winner! The Waltons Complete DVD Series with Season 1 Autographed by members of the cast

Here is what Brandie from Olney, TX had to say:

 Brandie M.– Winner! When I found out that I was a Grand Prize Winner of The Waltons complete DVD set, I was so excited! I enjoy watching INSP and the programs that it offers. I was not raised watching The Waltons, but have been watching them over the past few months and can see parallels in the themes as they relate to people in today’s world. This show illustrates that belief and faith in God, doing the right thing even in the face of adversity and to love family and others as God loves them is relative to past, present and future generations. What an INSPIRATION! Thank you INSP for programming awesome shows that anyone can watch safely. Thank you for the DVD set and God bless your operation!

Lorene H. – Winner! The Waltons Complete DVD Series

Here is what Lorene H. from West Alexandria, OH had to say:

It is such a pleasure to be able to get the INSP channel. I watch most all of the programs that you offer and especially like The Waltons so am pleased to be one of the winners of the complete DVD set. I also enjoy Wind at my Back so very much. Keep up the good work so great to have good wholesome shows to watch. God Bless

Jan C. – Winner! The Big Valley DVD Box Sets!

Here is what Jan from Concord, NH had to say:

 Jan C. – Winner!I’m thrilled to win The Big Valley DVD’s, I love the series and enjoy watching the old western programs. INSP has wonderful daily shows and special movies that the whole family can watch together. I look forward to all your new programs in the future. May you all have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Thanks again for picking me for the grand prize winner.

Sandra L. – Winner! The Brady Bunch Complete Series DVD Set!

Here’s what Sandra had to say:

Sandra L. - Winner!I love that INSP airs wholesome programming! I grew up watching The Brady Bunch re-runs on television, and while the clothing may be incredibly out of fashion, the message given in each episode is not. Thank you INSP!

Virginia B. – Winner! Wind at my Back: DVD!

Here’s what Virginia had to say:

I am very excited to hear the news that I am the winner of the Wind At My Back DVD Sweepstakes. My family and I really enjoy watching the INSP Network. There are so many shows on TV today that are unfit to watch. However, INSP has a large selection of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. We like to watch The Waltons and Gaither specials the most. My grandparents have watched the Wind At My Back series and really liked it. Ever since they have told us, we have been wanting to watch it together. We are not always able to catch it when it is on INSP. Now we will be able to watch the series from the beginning! Thank you very much. God Bless.

Kevin R. – Grand Prize Winner! The Waltons: All nine seasons on DVD/Autographed Season 1!

Here’s what Kevin had to say:

I am so excited to hear that I won the grand prize of The Waltons It has made my day! As a child, I remember watching The Waltons and what positive message the show passed on. I am excited to share my experiences with my children, and give them a show with good, positive family values. Thank you INSP!

Angela A. – Runner Up Winner! The Waltons: All nine seasons on DVD!

Here’s what Angela had to say:

I am very grateful to have been chosen to win The Waltons DVD set. I will very much enjoy watching them from the start of the show to the very end. Thank you so much!!!! I am very happy too see The Waltons coming back on tv on INSP!! I enjoy watching The Waltons because it has great family values. It shows how the parents’ struggled to raise their children during the great depression years and how bad the times really were. I liked watching The Waltons when I was younger, but now that I am older I love them even more because I understand it better! Thanks again for The Waltons DVD set!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob H. – Winner! Wind at My Back: Season 1 DVD Set/Beyond Green Gables Book!

Here’s what Bob had to say:

I am very honored to win this DVD collection. I had never heard of Wind at My Back before seeing the ads for it on INSP, which I had started watching when I learned that another great program, The Waltons, was on. I actually googled WAMB before I started watching it; I liked what I read and started watching the program. I have enjoyed each episode. It’s too bad they didn’t make more. INSP should do a reunion show with the cast, similar to the one done for The Waltons!. I do hope that INSP will continue to offer programs like this. They are good family programs, unlike many of today’s shows.

Rachel G. – Winner! “Who’s Your Favorite Walton?” – The Waltons: All nine seasons on DVD!

Here’s what Rachel had to say:

What a surprise to hear that I had won The Walton’s DVD sets! Thank you INSP for your generosity. Watching The Waltons on INSP is my favorite way to unwind after a long work day. As a Marriage and Family Counselor, I enjoy watching the series and I often recommend it to others as an example of how a healthy family functions. People are more important than things, faith in God is a daily part of their lives, and family members are always there for one another. Even though the show is set in the time of the Great Depression and continues through World War II, I feel that its values are timeless and quite relevant to our current generation. It would be wonderful if everyone would watch INSP and make it a daily part of their television viewing. Thanks again, INSP!!!

Karen M. – Winner! Wind At My Back: Season 1 DVD Set/Beyond Green Gables Book!

Here’s what Karen had to say:

I am very happy to have won this sweepstakes. I very much enjoy all the programming and have been watching your channel for quite some time now. It is so refreshing to get such wonderful family oriented shows, such as WAMB and The Waltons. I really look forward, every day, to all of the great programming that you provide. Thank you so much for choosing me; I know I will enjoy the DVD and the book for many years to come.

Rodney M. – Winner! The Waltons: Season 3 DVD Box Set!

Here’s what Rodney had to say:

I thank you very much for giving me this great prize, The Waltons Season 3 DVD Box Set! I have been out of work for some time, so this really means a lot! I thank INSP for having family programs that you can let your family watch without hearing foul language. Watching The Waltons takes me back to when life was simple. The times were hard, but you appreciate your family and small things, like going to the store for a soda drink.

Paulena N. – Winner! Wind At My Back: Season 5 DVD Box Set & CD Soundtrack!

Here’s what Paulena had to say:

I am so excited to win the WAMB collection! I recently discovered the series and INSP. I love Anne of Green Gables, and as a new mom…I want good TV that I don’t have to worry about my little girl watching. Thank you for adding this wholesome collection to our family library. May God continue to bless INSP, so that families have the option to watch good TV.

Merle C. – Winner! The Waltons: DVD Box Sets Seasons 1-9!

Here’s what Merle had to say:

It’s awesome to win this; it’s down home fun to watch with my grandkids Thank You soooo much!! Thanks!

Helene T. – Winner! The Waltons: Autographed Season 1 DVD!

Here’s what Helene had to say:

I enjoyed watching The Waltons as I was growing up. It means a lot to me to be able to watch the first season to stir up memories of watching them as a family, and being able to watch a wholesome program with my grandchildren. Thank you very much. God’s Blessing to INSP for making this gift available to me! In winning it, I receive it as a seed into my family’s life and ask Father God to bless you pressed down, shaken together and running over, that men would give unto you! Thanks!

Larry H. – Winner! Wind At My Back: Season 1 DVD!

Here’s what Larry had to say:

I am very happy to be a winner of this contest! It means a lot to me! I am a huge fan of Kevin Sullivan Entertainment. I find such comfort and personal inspiration in all his films and TV shows. They’re an escape into a world of beautiful simplicity. They always make me feel better after I’ve had a terrible day. Again, thank you INSP a million times over!