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Executioners, The A stranger arrives in Medicine Bow to investigate the execution of his father, who was hanged.   When the stranger learns the local schoolmarm could have prevented the hanging by providing an alibi, he begins his search for the troubling truth surrounding the whole incident.
Woman from White Wing A friend of Judge Garth, who was long ago given up for dead, reappears.  When the man becomes bitter about his trials and consumed with jealousy over the Judge’s success, he plans on taking the one thing Judge Garth holds dear, his daughter Betsy.
Throw a Long Rope When a homesteader is accused of rustling and is beaten by local ranchers, the Virginian helps him work his farm. After investigating the cattle rustling charges, the Virginian decides to defend the man against the ranchers, including Judge Garth.
Big Deal, The Guest star Ricardo Montalban – Judge Garth faces difficulties when the land he leases to drive his cattle herd between seasonal ranges is inherited by a tough businessman from Columbia, but an unexpected event involving Betsy Garth prevents confrontation.
Brazen Bell, The When two murderers escape from prison and travel through Medicine Bow, they take the teacher, his arrogant wife and the school children as hostages. Now this new teacher must face his painful past, calm his wife, and save the school kids.
Big Day, Great Day Judge Garth winds up in the middle of two disputes – one between Trampas and Steve over a beautiful and flirtatious saloon girl, and the other between two big and bad-tempered wrestlers bent on causing some trouble in town.
Riff Raff To impress Molly, Trampas rides to San Antonio, Texas to join Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders and fight in the Spanish-American War.  Steve Hill and the Virginian follow, intent on persuading Trampas to return, but they both end up enlisting as well despite conflicts between the free-sprited westerners and their serious eastern officers.
Impasse The Shiloh ranchers encounter a tough widower living in the mountains who claims he owns the wild horses they are rounding up to sell to the army. When the Virginian refuses to hand them over, their adversary goes to great lengths in an effort to keep the animals. To complicate matters, his children urge him to find a solution to suit everyone.
It Tolls for Thee Martin Kalek and his gang kidnap Judge Garth for ransom. When the Virginian pays the ransom, the kidnappers refuse to release the Judge and ride away. The Shiloh hands follow in chase, with a former friend of Kalek’s out for his own personal revenge.
West Trampas falls in with a gang of lawless older cowboys who still believe in the good old days of the Wild West, but their actions soon land the young ranch hand in jail for a saloon brawl.  Matters become worse when Trampas is released and decides to join his new friends on a money-making scheme.
Devil’s Children, The A spiraling series of events eventually lead to murder when a wild 16 year old girl is chastised for shooting a Shiloh steer and retaliates by trying to burn down the Shiloh barn.  When the girl is accidentally shot by a Shiloh hand, events quickly turn for the worse.
50 Days to Moose Jaw When an old cowhand on the run signs on with a Shiloh Ranch cattle drive, he is joined by a young man who wishes a different life than dirt farming. The old cowhand takes the young man under his wing and teaches him lessons in life before his dark past catches up with him.
Accomplice, The It’s a tangled web of deceit when Trampas is falsely implicated in the robbing of a bank and the killing of its president. Trampas fears for his life when a single female bank teller confirms his hand in the crime. The Virginian must prove Trampas’ innocence to save his life.
Man from the Sea, The Twin sisters, whose parents were friends of the Judge, come to Medicine Bow to start a pottery. While one twin has come to work for her future, the other has come to play and run from some serious problems.
Duel at Shiloh Guest Star Brian Keith – When Steve Hill runs away from home to become a cowhand, he joins a seasoned cowboy who takes him under his wing and gets him a job working at a new ranch. Learning of the owner’s dishonest ways, Steve must choose between his dishonest employer and losing his new job.
Exiles, The Confusion rules the day when Judge Garth is ambushed and shoots a man in self-defense, only to have that same man turn up dead from a shot in the back and unarmed. When the Judge is put on trial, the Virginian hits the trail to find evidence that will clear his friend.
Judgment, The This episode reveals why Henry Garth is no longer a practicing Judge. In flashback it recounts how he had to sentence a man to death for murder, and then stand up to the man’s angry and vengeful family without support from the town.
Say Goodbye to All That When a man takes exception to Trampas dancing with his son’s fiancé, there is a shoot-out that leaves the man paralyzed.  Now the embittered man wants his mild mannered son to kill Trampas in revenge. The showdown is interrupted by an encounter with a fierce and legendary bear.
Man Who Couldn’t Die, The When Judge Garth threatens a business he has invested in with legal action, they become aggressive. When the Judge shoots a man from the company in self-defense, he is not able to convince anyone, including the police, that the man is dead.
If You Have Tears When a friend of The Virginians’ is framed for murder, he poses as a cattle buyer and begins an unlikely romance with the murdered man’s widow in an attempt to find the real killer. The truth proves more elusive than The Virginian would have ever imagined.
Small Parade, The The Virginian, Trampas and Steve Hill encounter a man who has lost his wife and children to smallpox, sold his farm, and now travels giving lectures urging people to become vegetarians. His lectures are not received well in cattle country and when one of his hecklers is found murdered, the widowed lecturer is the main suspect.
Vengeance Is the Spur A mysterious woman comes to Medicine Bow and asks the Virginian to take her to meet his friend, who now lives as an outlaw in the badlands. The woman believes her husband, a man wrongly accused of murder, is hiding out with the Virginian’s friend.  The woman has a secret that is sure to bring trouble.
Money Cage, The A con man comes to Medicine Bow and he begins wooing bank teller Lydia Turner, the daughter of the bank’s owner. The man plans to use the woman to get her father and Judge Garth to invest in a fake oil drilling scheme. The con man’s plan goes haywire when there is a run on the bank.
Golden Door, The Guest Star Robert DuVall – When Trampas and Betsy Garth discover the body of a murdered neighbour, Mr. Keel, the town starts looking for suspects. Trampas comes across a Latvian immigrant and his pregnant wife, and discovers they have Keel’s rifle.  Judge Garth believes he knows the real killer and sets out to prove it.
A Distant Fury When a man convicted of robbing the local lumber yard returns to town, all can see he is out for revenge.  Steve Hill’s testimony put the man behind bars, and when the man is killed, Steve becomes the prime suspect.
Echo of Another Day Two feuding men seeking to recover a bonanza of hidden gold arrive in medicine Bow, and Trampas is the only one who can resolve their issues before at least one of them ends up dead from a showdown.
Strangers at Sundown Judge Garth and Betsy are among passengers who are trapped in a way station by outlaws, who demand that a passenger and former outlaw is handed over. The various passengers must decide whether to live with their consciences and hand the man over, or risk their own lives in a gun battle with the desperate gang.
Mountain of the Sun, The While delivering a prize bull to New Mexico, the Virginian meets a young woman and friends traveling to Mexico to minister to the Yaqui Indians. He later learns they had hired a dishonest guide who plans to rob them, so he sets off in pursuit in hopes of saving them.
Run Away Home When the Virginian and Steve deliver cattle to Centre City, Nebraska, they encounter a run on the local bank. Judge Garth withdrew the money to pay for the cattle the day before. Now, the Virginian and Steve set out for home flush with cash, and pursued by broke men who think the  Virginian’s money belongs to them.
Final Hour, The Strip mining operations begin in the Medicine Bow area. While Judge Garth sees the mining as “progress”, other locals see it as a threat to their way of life and don’t like the influx of foreign miners.  They are ready to do anything to keep them away.
Ride a Dark Trail When a young boy eager to avenge the death of his father holds the Virginian at gunpoint, the Virginian reveals his own memories of when Trampas came to Shiloh Ranch. He too wished to avenge his father’s death, and his target was Judge Garth who had been forced to kill Trampas’ father.
To Make This Place Remember Judge Garth goes to Wyoming to help out an old friend whose son has been killed. While the death is being claimed as an accident, there is proof that another rancher led a lynch mob that hung the man’s son for a crime he may not have committed.
No Tears for Savannah While in Santa Rita, the Virginian runs into a former girlfriend now accused of murdering her jealous boyfriend. Eager to help a woman who had once meant so much to him, the Virginian enlists the help of Judge Garth to defend her. The odds, however, are not in her favor as the deceased’s father and big man around town wants revenge.
A Killer in Town When a bounty hunter comes to Medicine Bow looking for a fugitive, he learns the name of the criminal is on a letter in a bank vault.  Trampas worries that he might be the man the bounty hunter has come to bring in. Before the circuit judge can come to release the letter, a deadly illness strikes the town.
Evil that Men Do, The A man with a troubled past gets a much welcome break when Judge Garth has him paroled from prison to work at Shiloh Ranch as the new blacksmith. Much to the chagrin of his co-workers, Betsy Garth falls for him after the man saves her horse.
It Takes a Big Man When Judge Garth helps out an old friend by allowing his eldest son to come to work at Shiloh, he gets more than he bargained for.  His new hire’s personal issues get in the way, and lead the people at the ranch into danger.
Brother Thaddeus A Padre has decided to devote his life to building a mission. Trampas helps to make his dream a reality, but a stranger from the Padre’s troubled past is determined to stop his work before it can begin. Now work on the mission must stop until the man can find a way to prove his innocence.
A Portrait of Marie Valonne While in New Orleans delivering a herd of cattle, the Virginian meets a mysterious woman. Following their first dinner together, the woman disappears and he is attacked. When the Virginian attempts to find her with the help of a local police detective, he unveils a tragic past that can only lead to trouble.
Run Quiet Steve Hill makes friends with a deaf mute and appeals to the Virginian to find the man work on the ranch. When the deaf mute is wrongfully accused of murder, he slips out of town.  Now, it’s up to Steve to track his friend down and bring him back to town for trial.
Stopover in a Western Town A young woman from San Francisco passes through town on her way East. She soon falls for the Virginian.   When the Virginian shows no interest in her, the young woman plans to make him jealous by taking advantage of a swooning ranch hand.  The love-sick girl’s plan may cause the ranch hand to be banned from Shiloh for life.
Fatal Journey, The After writing the President about Medicine Bow’s outlaw troubles, the newspaper editor is murdered by the very men she wrote about. Bent on avenging the woman he loved, the Virginian joins the posse trying to find the outlaws’ hideout.
A Time Remembered Judge Garth falls for a beautiful opera singer who comes to Medicine Bow to perform. When a stranger is suddenly shot by the singer, the Judge has to step in to defend her. While she claims that the man forced himself on her, Sheriff Abbott uncovers evidence that may prove she is lying.
Siege After making big money playing poker, Trampas goes to an old haunt of his in New Mexico. Upon his arrival, he has a run in with a group of comancheros who have taken over the town. When he learns the men are responsible for the deaths of some old friends, he plans to turn them over to the Marshall.
Man of Violence When his Uncle is murdered during a stage robbery, and the men arrested claim they are innocent, Trampas decides to search out the truth behind the killing. He travels to the Apache territory where the men claim there is proof of their innocence and gold!
Fortunes of J. Jimerson Jones, The When a man finds gold, he heads east to Chicago to enjoy his new found wealth. While in Chicago, he runs into Judge Garth and Betsy. The new found riches of the man soon threaten his life when he attracts the attention of two con artists.
Roar from the Mountain After a cougar kills one of the hands working at Shiloh ranch, Steve Hill goes on the hunt. He tracks down the animal to the mountains, where a family has a homestead. Steve soon learns that the couple’s son was killed by the very same cougar and the animal is more dangerous than Steve could have ever expected.
Thirty Days of Gavin Heath, The When a former British soldier comes into some money, he returns to Medicine Bow. Upon his arrival his luck takes a turn for the worse, when he is attacked by a rabid dog. In light of his impending death, he decides to confront his past mistakes.
Drifter, The In a flashback of the past, the Virginian recalls his time working for a rancher and his crooked foreman. Plotting to overthrow the rancher, the foreman romances the man’s daughter. But, the crooked foreman didn’t plan on the Virginian and his friendship with Judge Garth.
First to Thine Own Self Just outside of Medicine Bow, a drifter stays with a man and his daughter. After the man reveals the fact that he has found gold, he is murdered and his gold is stolen. When the drifter is accused of the crime, despite evidence that he is innocent, Betsy Garth and the Virginian step in to help find the actual killers.
A Matter of Destiny A former meat packer arrives in Medicine Bow and buys a ranch with his new found wealth. After winning the heart of the woman who had been dating Trampas, the local ranchers find cause to suspect the man of a crime.  Now, Trampas must overcome his jealousy and save the newcomer from the hands of an assassin.
Smile of a Dragon When a stagecoach is robbed, Trampas is the sole survivor. Injured and in need of medical attention, he stumbles into a nearby town where the sheriff accuses him of being one of the robbers. With his life in danger, Trampas must attempt to prove his innocence.
Intruders, The In an attempt to prevent conflict between the Indians and the Army, Judge Garth decides to host a meeting at Shiloh Ranch. When the four men arrive, the residents of the ranch are taken hostage, holding their lives until they can achieve their true goal. In the end there is only one man who can possibly save them.
Another’s Footsteps When a friend of the Virginian’s is killed during a bank robbery gone wrong, the Virginian tracks the robbers down to Montana. After capturing two out of three, the trail leads him to a nearby homestead. Once there, the Virginian is faced with an impossible decision.
Rope of Lies When Steve Hill is asked to be foreman of the Lazy K Ranch by the beautiful new female owner, he is reluctant to take the job. When he accepts, everything appears to be going well, until a former business partner of his new boss arrives in town!
Secret of Brynmar Hall, The Betsy Garth is invited to Brynmar Hall, a home surrounded by the mysterious death of a young woman who lived there. The host is the girl’s mother, and it isn’t long before the guests begin to wonder if their lives might also be in danger.
Long Quest, The When a friend of the Virginian faces the possibility of losing her young son, she asks the Virginian for help. However, with the time for the hearing fast approaching, proof of identity of the boy’s true mother is becoming increasingly hard to find.
A Bride for Lars Just before a friend of Judge Garth’s is able to marry a girl twenty years his junior, he is injured.
Unable to travel to the girl, he sends Trampas to Laramie to pick up his bride. However, the trip home proves to be more dangerous than they could have imagined.
Dark Destiny After two horse rustlers are captured by Randy and Steve, the fate of one of the rustler’s daughters hangs in the balance. After she cares for the injured Randy, the young girl must make a choice between her father and a new life.
A Man Called Kane While exploring a cave, Randy and Betsy discover gold and human remains. When news of their discovery comes out in the local paper, Randy’s missing brother, on the run from the law, comes into town.  Randy is soon forced to decide to turn his brother over, or let him run from the law once again.
Ryker A hired gunman and former law man comes to Medicine Bow. His job is to run a well-respected rancher off his land, but he starts to have second thoughts. When the rancher turns up dead, and the gunman is accused of the crime, Trampas tries to help the old law man find the real killer.
Dark Challenge Carl Hendricks buys a local ranch in Medicine Bow. Trampas reaches out to the rancher’s daughter, inviting her to a dance, only to find out about a handicap that prevents her from enjoying such events. When Carl is killed, Trampas is the prime suspect even though he has no motive to commit the crime.
Stallion, The When Randy Benton finds an escaped wild stallion that killed his original handler, he takes the injured horse to a trainer who is known more for his drinking than for his veterinarian skills. The chance for the new trainer to heal the stallion may not save one life, but two.
Hero, The When newcomer James Templeton comes to Medicine Bow, he has nearly the entire town wrapped around his little finger. Betsy Garth is smitten with the new man who can do no wrong, but Trampas keeps a wary eye on the stranger and suspects the man is up to no good.
Felicity’s Spring A new school teacher arrives in Medicine Bow with her older sister and her grandfather. Everyone around the town loves her, including all the hands on Shiloh ranch, but it may be the Virginian who wins her heart.
Brazos Kid, The A reporter comes to Medicine Bow to take a job at the newspaper,  Despite being fired for writing exaggerated stories in the past, she writes about a famous and fake dead outlaw. Her claim that the outlaw is still alive brings a bounty hunter to town looking for a prize.
Big Image…Little Man When a millionaire gets stranded in the desert after a fight with an unhappy employee, the Virginian and his crew decide to take the wealthy man on. During the cattle drive to Seattle, the millionaire proves to be a thorn in the side of the Shiloh ranch hands.
Girl from Yesterday, The When Steve Hill goes undercover for a U.S. Marshall, he rekindles a romance with a girl now working in a dance hall.  The U.S. Marshall believes the girl is involved with a gang of outlaws and Steve must act out of character to retain his cover and reveal the gang.
Return a Stranger A low-grade silver mine is revived by one of Judge Garth’s old friend’s, but when payments are missed and contracts not fulfilled, the old friend’s son resorts to desperate measures to save it. Judge Garth and the locals become increasingly worried when cattle close to the mine begin to die, causing conflict all round.
All Nice and Legal When a newcomer arrives in town to start a law business, the fact that she’s an outsider isn’t the biggest issue. This woman in a man’s world will go to great lengths to prove herself and show the locals she belongs.
A Gallows for Sam Horn A widower finds himself at odds with a railway owner when he refuses to sell his land for less than it’s worth. Although he tries to handle matters legally, it soon becomes apparent that the railway man has other plans.
Portrait of a Widow While in Chicago, Betsy Garth and her friend meet a famous French artist. When they return home, the artist follows and it isn’t long before it becomes clear that he has other motives than winning Betsy’s affection.
Payment, The When Ryker’s stepfather is released from prison, he takes him home to Medicine Bow. It isn’t long before Ryker begins to question if his stepfather is really as reformed as he claims to be.
A Man of the People When the land normally leased to nearby ranches for grazing is claimed by settlers, Judge Garth goes to the land office to find out the facts. His investigation soon leads to a former classmate who isn’t eager to reveal the truth.
Hour of the Tiger, The When a landslide blocks the only route to transport cattle from Shiloh ranch, Judge Garth hires a crew to clear the pass. While working with the crew of mostly Chinese immigrants, the Virginian falls for a girl who already belongs to another man.
Two Men Named Laredo A worker is hired to help drive cattle from Cheyenne to Shiloh, but the literature-lover is soon picked on by the locals. When two of the bullies from town meet with untimely deaths within a short space of time, the new man is quickly suspected of their murders.
Hideout When Betsy travels to the mountains in search of wild broncos, she stumbles upon a young man and his father holed up in a run-down cabin. Although she promises to keep their location a secret, her promise may be impossible to keep.
Six Graves at Cripple Creek Sometimes secrets are better left in the dark. Driven by revenge, Emmett Ryker goes after the man who killed his friends. A young woman joins him on the journey to Deadwood in order to get some answers of her own.
Lost Yesterday When the Virginian finds a woman who survived a gang attack, she travels to Medicine Bow with him.  As she secretly searches the town for stolen gold hidden by her late husband, the woman starts a romance with The Virginian, but her hopes for relationship may be ruined by her past.
A Slight Case of Charity When Trampas visits Albuquerque to collect money for the cattlemen’s association, he meets a woman who steals some of the cash and rides away to Rancho Valdez. When Trampas catches up with the thief, he discovers she too has been robbed and the pair set off to find the suspect.
You Take the High Road A group of cowboys plan to drive their herd of cattle through Medicine Bow. When the ranchers learn that the cattle could be carrying Spanish fever, the Virginian is sent to try and convince the cowboys to take the herd another route.
Shadows of the Past When a friend of Ryker’s marries a woman from San Francisco, the couple soon finds they want very different things from their marriage. Meanwhile, Ryker faces some trouble of his own when two men he helped convict and jail show up in Medicine Bow.
Timberland When the ranchers in Medicine Bow confront a lumberjack and accuse him of destroying a water source and grazing land, matters are made worse thanks to a romantic interest between the rancher’s daughter and the lumberjack’s son.
Dangerous Road After being deputized by Ryker, Trampas takes a prisoner to trial in Coulter Junction. While there he decides to investigate a suspicious death that has occurred. The more he investigates the more he wonders if his prisoner may have committed not one, but two murders.
Farewell to Honesty When a wanted Army major is murdered in the town of Honesty, the Virginian finds himself accused of the crime. Now, Deputy Ryker and his assistant must find a way to help solve the case and clear the Virginian’s name.
Old Cowboy When an old man and his grandson come into town, Trampas takes pity on the pair and offers the man a job. Over time, the grandson’s admiration for Trampas causes friction between the two men.
Showdown, The The Virginian arrives in Monolith, Arizona to buy cattle and finds that the rancher selling the livestock is under investigation by the local Marshall. When the rancher brings the cattle to town, the Marshall must make a decision that will deeply affect both the rancher and The Virginian.
Brothers, The When a man breaks his brother out of a military jail, and kills a guard in the process, it doesn’t take long for Sheriff Ryker to enlist a band of Sioux Indians to try and hunt the brothers down.
Day of the Scorpion After an Australian buys a local ranch to graze sheep, he finds himself up against his fellow ranchers. To make matters worse, when one of the fellow ranchers tries to reason with the Australian’s son, he is beaten and sent away. Now, it’s up to the Virginian to find a way to bring peace and justice for all.
A Little Learning A former hired gun is released from prison and returns home to Medicine Bow for his ex-wife, who teaches at the local school. When the gunman hears a rumor that his former wife is dating a man she’s taught to read, more than one life is in danger.
Claim, The Tired of his mundane life as a ranch hand, Trampas decides to go to Deadwood City and look up an old friend. Together they meet up with a man who offers to stake them in a gold claim. When they actually strike gold, matters go from bad to worse.
Awakening, The When a former minister arrives in Medicine Bow, he lands right in the middle of a dispute at the local mine. After hearing about an accident at the mine, the man goes in to help, and ends up finding more than he bargained for.
Ring of Silence Ryker gets himself in trouble when he gets trapped in an isolated cabin along with other stagecoach passengers. A gang of men wants one of the passengers for murder, and when Ryker tries to reason with them, the likelihood of a peaceful resolution seems unlikely.
Jennifer After her parents are murdered, Judge Garth’s niece comes to Shiloh to stay with him. To please his niece the judge hires a young man she met on the way to Shiloh, only to learn that this new hand is playing a game of deception.
Nobility of Kings A man eager to prove himself moves into the ranch across from Shiloh along with his wife and son. In his effort to make a life for himself and his family, he begins to push everyone he loves away, and when he makes a risky purchase to benefit the ranch, he may lose everything.
Show Me a Hero While saving a man from a runaway wagon, Trampas’ horse is injured. His only choice is to stay in Eagle Creek until his horse has recovered.  While making friends with the residents of Eagle Creek, he learns about a plot to take over the city.
Beyond the Border When the Virginian and Trampas go to Mexico to pick up horses for Judge Garth, the Virginian becomes ill. Forced to rest at a hotel, he finds out that an outlaw gang is hiding out in the same hotel. When one of the gang members expresses interest in leaving his life of crime, lives are put in danger.
Dream of Stavros Karas, The After losing his wife, a man requests a bride be sent from his native Greece, to help raise his children while he attempts to get his fig farm up and working. The woman who arrives is nothing like what he was expecting, and brings with her more trouble than he could have imagined.
Laramie Road, The When the residents of Medicine Bow believe that two vagabonds traveling through town are guilty of murder, they are determined to bring them to justice. It soon becomes clear that it’s up to Deputy Sheriff Ryker to defend them against the angry mob.
Horse Fighter, The The Virginian hires a new horse wrangler, when several Shiloh wranglers are injured. Sam takes the new hand under his wing and gives the man some pointers. But, when the new wrangler fails to tame a stallion, the Virginian begins to suspect the new hand has secret motives for taking the job.
Letter of the Law Judge Garth believes his client is wrongly convicted of a crime. When another man confesses to the crime, his client is pardoned, but after returning home to Medicine Bow, the pardoned man learns that his troubles may have followed him home.
Blaze of Glory When a retired lawman is threatened with the loss the land he and his daughter have worked so hard to protect, he makes a deal with a group of outlaws. In the end the lawman is faced with a choice, commit a crime, or retain the respect of the citizens of Medicine Bow.
Nobody Said Hello Sometimes it’s impossible to get over something you’ve lost. When a wounded photographer learns that the man he holds responsible for the loss of his arm is coming to Medicine Bow, he begins to plot his revenge.
Men with Guns When Trampas and Randy head into the town of New Hope to pick up Arabian horses from a wealthy rancher, they are caught up in a land feud. It seems that the crooked rancher has been selling land to settlers, only to evict them once the land turns a profit.
Long Ride to Wind River When a storekeeper is sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit, the Virginian must seek out the real killer and bring him to trial. When the Virginian finds the killer, the man claims he killed the victim in self-defense.  Now, the Virginian must take the man back to face trial and he soon realizes there are men who don’t want him to get back to Medicine Bow alive.
Chaff in the Wind The head of a conniving family of drifters sends his card-sharp son and saloon-girl
daughter to Shiloh to cheat people out of their money.  When Randy and Jennifer trust and accept
the two drifters, the duo wants to abandon their father’s scheme.
Inchworm’s Got No Wings at All, The When Jennifer hears about a young girl who has been kept secret by her family since birth, she attempts to educate her. Hindered by the fact she’s had had no contact with the outside and doesn’t know who to trust, she keeps a deadly secret.
Morgan Starr After Judge Garth is appointed Governor of the Wyoming Territory, everyone is surprised when he turns the ranch over to a friend from his Civil War days. The residents of Medicine Bow don’t agree with the strange ideas of Judge Garth’s friend, but when a plague hits the town, his plan may be their only hope.
Harvest of Strangers From the moment armed strangers from the north arrive in town, the residents of Medicine Bow want them gone. When the situation escalates, Morgan Starr and the Virginian are the only ones that can save them.
Ride a Cock Horse to Laramie Cross From the moment two young children come under Trampas’ care, their lives are in danger. On the run from their grandfather, a powerful Mexican landowner, Trampas must take them to their mother in Laramie with a Sioux war party on their trail.
One Spring Like Long Ago An Indian chief journeys off the reservation to see if an old prophecy could be coming true. The chief is unaware that he is not on his journey alone, and that his hope to free his tribe from the white man may soon be taken away.
Return of Golden Tom, The When a robber is released from prison after 35 years, he returns home to Medicine Bow. His arrival sets dangerous events in motion and an old grudge is rekindled into a raging fire.  Is the man doomed to repeat his past mistakes?
Wolves Up Front and the Jackals Behind, The Randy tries to play matchmaker for an old friend of his by working on a ranch in Montana and convincing the daughter of the rancher to see his friend.  When a ruthless outlaw returns to the ranch after being away for years, Randy may pay for his matchmaking attempt with his life.
That Saunders Woman A woman on the run from her past journeys to Medicine Bow to start a new life as a seamstress. With the help of an old friend, she starts to make a life for herself, but when her dark secret is revealed, her past may come back to haunt her.
No Drums, No Trumpets Morgan Starr travels to Mexico for a cattle deal planned along with an agreement between Mexico and the United States. Upon his arrival he finds that not everyone is interested in what the agreement will bring to both countries, and the results could be deadly.
A Bald Faced Boy Randy’s rowdy family travels to Medicine Bow to protect him from a vengeful former convict who was sent to jail as the result of Randy’s testimony at his trial. In the middle of the turmoil, Randy falls in love.
Mark of a Man, The The Virginian and Trampas run into a troubled youth at a saloon in Medicine Bow. When the youth’s disregard for the law starts to turn violent, they must try and stop him before his actions gets someone killed.
Legacy of Hate When John Grainger moves to Medicine Bow along with his family after purchasing Shiloh Ranch from Judge Garth, he begins to build a working relationship with his new employees.  Making friends with his neighbor doesn’t go well.
Ride to Delphi The son of a rancher delivers cattle to Grainger, only to find that five head are missing. When the Virginian goes in search of the people who stole them, he runs into someone from his past.
Captive, The When an Apache family leaves the reservation, they are sent back without their adopted white daughter. While the well-meaning townspeople try to find the girl’s birth parents, the girl shows no interest in living a different life than she has lived on the reservation for many years.
An Echo of Thunder While on a trip to deliver some horses, Trampas decides to visit an old friend. When he arrives at his friend’s home, he finds his friend has died. Reluctant to believe that his friend’s death was from natural causes, Trampas begins to investigate, causing a volatile and dangerous reaction from the locals.
Jacob Was a Plain Man After accidently killing someone, a deaf man runs to Shiloh ranch for refuge. When the ranch hands learn the new recruit is wanted for murder, there are mixed reactions, and a bounty hunter closing in on the Shiloh ranch.
Challenge, The Trampas finds himself injured and without any memory of what happened to him. Taken in by the family who discovers him, he must fight to remember what happened even as one man attempts to make him pay for a crime he didn’t commit.
Outcast, The When Elizabeth Grainger falls for a man with a checkered past, her brother has concerns about what sort of man he really is. Even as she tries to support the man she’s come to love, Elizabeth’s brother continues on his quest for the truth about the mysterious man.
Trail to Ashley Mountain When a close friend of Trampas is accused of murder, all of the evidence is stacked up against him. Matters take a turn for the worse when the only man who can provide an alibi turns up dead, leaving Trampas’ friend trapped and desperate.
Dead Eye Dick Brought up on dime-novels full of fictional characters, a young girl travels to Medicine Bow for a new life. Soon after arriving in town, she becomes infatuated with the Virginian. Desperate to shift the girl’s attentions away from himself, the Virginian attempts to play matchmaker.
High Stakes While on a trip to sell horses the Virginian’s friend falls for the ex-wife of a notorious outlaw. When the outlaw’s brother catches wind of her new found love, he is determined to destroy the man who has taken her heart.
Beloved Outlaw When a wild stallion catches Elizabeth’s eye, she begs her grandfather to buy it for her. Despite his warning she tries to tame the stallion by herself, causing a life-threatening situation at Shiloh ranch.
Linda Soon after making a successful sale of horses to a government agent in Texas, the Virginian rides to the express office to wire the money to Medicine Bow. A swirling number of events end with the bank being robbed, and the Virginian being the main suspect of the crime.
Long Way Home, The When a man returns home to his family after abandoning them, he finds them changed. As he attempts to re-connect with his family his son begins to believe the Virginian is a better man than his father will ever be.
Girl on the Glass Mountain When a cowhand working at Shiloh ranch decides to marry the daughter of a wealthy store owner, he gives up the job he loves. It isn’t long before the former cowhand begins to wonder if the life he gave up was better than the life he has now.
Vengeance Trail While purchasing supplies for a cattle drive, Stacy is forced to kill a man in self-defense. As he turns the body over to the family, he receives fair warning that the dead man’s brother will soon seek revenge.
Sue Ann When a young woman leaves her father and their small farmstead behind to travel to Medicine Bow for a better life, she soon finds that not everything in life turns out to be as she dreamed it would be.
Yesterday’s Timepiece After purchasing a gold watch he believes once belonged to his father, Stacey goes off in search of the truth behind his parents’ death. Along the way he meets a young girl who may be searching for answers of her own.
Requiem for a Country Doctor When the Virginian travels to a small town to meet up with Stacey, he learns that Stacey has been found guilty of murdering the popular town doctor.   Now, it’s a race against time for the Virginian, who must find the evidence to clear Stacey of the crime before he is hanged.
Modoc Kid, The After holding up the bank in Medicine bow, three robbers take refuge at Shiloh ranch. When they force the Grainger’s to bring in a doctor to take care of a gunshot wound, tensions run high and a showdown between John Grainger and the robbers looks certain.
Gauntlet, The When the Virginian travels to Texas and is shot by rustlers, a rancher and his wife take him in. While he tries to recuperate, the Virginian becomes trapped in a plot by the rancher’s wife to leave her hard-nosed and ruthless husband.
Without Mercy Stacey falls for the daughter of one of their neighbors but her father is against the match. When the girl’s father is found dead, and his money taken, all suspect that Stacey is involved and want him to pay.
Melanie When an old friend of Grainger’s arrives at Shiloh ranch along with his beautiful young daughter, Trampas is smitten from the start. However, after he proposes, Trampas begins to think that Melanie might not be the person he thought she was.
Doctor Pat When the Virginian meets a new town doctor at the station, he’s surprised to find that this new doctor is a woman. The citizens of Medicine Bow are slow to accept the new development, so it’s up to the Virginian to try and give her the support she needs.
Nightmare at Fort Killman Stacey is taken into custody by a cavalry recruitment officer and two sergeants who plan to force him to enlist. When one of his captors is murdered, Stacey finds himself being framed for the victim’s death.
Bitter Harvest When the Virginian steps in to help a farmer who is accused by his family of being a coward, he finds himself facing an angry rancher who is set on forcing the farmer to leave his homestead.
A Welcoming Town When Trampas visits a mother and son he lived with during his youth, he finds their situation changed. Unable to believe what everyone is telling him about the pair, Trampas decides to search for the truth no matter where it leads him.
Girl on the Pinto, The Trampas falls for a young woman who lives on a neighboring ranch. In his efforts to win her heart, he finds that something is holding her back, and he becomes determined to find out the truth.
Lady of the House When John Grainger request the help of a childhood friend to teach his grandchildren the manners and skills they need to succeed, he gets more than he bargained for.  Suffering the loss of her husband during the war, and losing everything she had, has changed John’s friend more than he could have ever imagined.
Strange Quest of Claire Bingham, The A young woman on a quest to find her brother arrives in Medicine Bow. When she is convinced that the outlaw sitting in the town jail is her long lost sibling, she launches a bold plan to get him out.
Reckoning, The While on trip to purchase cattle in Texas, The Virginian, Grainger and Elizabeth cross paths with a man ready to kill the Virginian for taking the life of his brother. When the plan of revenge leads to taking Elizabeth hostage, the Virginian must find a way to save her, and himself.
Deadly Past, The When Trampas receives a letter with a hit list of people to be killed, he sees his own name on the list and realizes everyone above him on the list is now dead. Determined to find out who is ordering the murders, and how they are connected, Trampas launches a search of his own.
Lady from Wichita, The When a young woman inherits the ranch next to Shiloh, she sells all she owns in Wichita and travels to Medicine Bow. Not everything on her new ranch turns out as she hoped, and a mysterious stranger from her past is wanting to ruin her future. Now, the young woman is looking to her new friend Trampas as her only hope to save the day.
Star Crossed When an old friend of Deputy Rkyer moves to Medicine Bow under an assumed name, Rkyer decides to keep the truth about his past a secret. However, not everyone is interested in allowing a former felon to have the chance at a normal life.
Johnny Moon When the Virginian comes upon an injured corporal, he takes him back to Shiloh to recover. Despite the advice of his new friends who urge him to stay in Medicine Bow, the corporal is determined to track down the person who shot him.
Masquerade, The A bank clerk receives a letter from his father informing him of an upcoming visit and begins to panic. In an effort to make his father, a renowned sheriff, proud of him, the clerk used deception and now finds himself trapped in his own lies.
Ah Sing vs. Wyoming The cook at Shiloh ranch decides to open up a restaurant and applies for a license with the justice of the peace. When the application is denied because of his race, the cook hires an attorney who seems more interested in the bottle than practicing law.
Bitter Autumn Three brothers travel to Medicine Bow to sell their cattle to Grainger. However, Trampas begins to suspect the cattle have been infected. When the two youngest brothers go into town to celebrate the end of their cattle drive, tragedy strikes.
A Bad Place to Die When Trampas is convicted of murder and sentenced to death, the Virginian and Grainger attempt to find proof of their friend’s innocence. Unwilling to sit idly by, Trampas considers taking matters into his own hands.
Paid in Full When a young man is released from prison and returns to Medicine Bow, he finds his father injured. Convinced that Grainger hasn’t done right by his father, even after years of faithful service, the ex-con decides to join a group of men who plan on stealing from Grainger.
To Bear Witness Trampas steps in and breaks up two fights while in Medicine Bow on business. When the man responsible for both disagreements turns up dead, Trampas is charged with murder. Without any witnesses, the proof of his innocence rests solely on him.
Barren Ground, The When the Virginian shoots a man while attempting to steal his horse, he sets out to return the dead man’s body to his ailing father. In his grief, the father pleads for The Virginian to track down his daughter who was stolen by Indians as a child.
Execution at Triste Trampas and two hands from Shiloh drive a herd of cattle to an army fort in the middle of nowhere. To retrieve the money for the herd, Trampas must travel to Triste, where he crosses paths with a former gun fighter eager to end his own suffering sooner rather than later.
A Small Taste of Justice When the Virginian is attacked and his horse and gun stolen, he must travel on foot to a nearby town for help. He soon finds a woman he once knew living there along with her young daughter. When an accident occurs, the citizens of the town look to the Virginian for help.
Fortress, The The Virginian heads to Montana to sell cattle for the ranchers of Medicine Bow. After he makes the sale and deposits the money, the bank is robbed. The Virginian’s attempt to recover the money may lead him down a dangerous and possibly deadly path.
Death Wagon, The When a prisoner escapes while crossing over Shiloh, Trampas volunteers to help find him. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Holly Grainger have discovered the prisoner and decide to help him. Little do they know the prisoner is more dangerous than they could ever imagine.
Jed An old friend of Trampas takes a job in Medicine Bow as a hired gun. His secret orders are to stop the homesteaders who are blocking the pass used by the ranchers to get their cattle to market.
With Help from Ulysses While on a trip, Trampas comes across an ailing man who asks him to find his niece in a neighboring town. With only one clue to help guide him on his search, Trampas finds more trouble than he could have imagined.
Good Hearted Badman, The When Elizabeth finds an outlaw injured and near death, she takes him back to Shiloh. With everyone gone on a cattle drive, Elizabeth is able to keep her houseguest a secret. When a bounty hunter suspects she is hiding his man, the game of cat and mouse begins.
Hell Wind, The When Trampas, Stacey, and Elizabeth take refuge from a sand storm in a deserted homestead, they soon have company, including a dangerous and crooked card dealer Trampas recognizes from his past.
Handy Man, The When a young man resolves to fight his father for ownership of the land between their ranch and Shiloh, he decides that following the letter of the law isn’t the way to get what he wants. Now, the young man and his dad are on a collision course with danger.
Decision, The A former sheriff moves from Mason City to Medicine Bow along with his wife. Planning to buy a ranch of his own, he signs on as a hand at Shiloh ranch. Not every one is happy about the new ranch hand, as Trampas still holds a grudge against him for something in the past.
Seth While hunting for a steer-killing cougar, Trampas offers food and shelter to a half-starved boy. The boy must accept the charity or remain in the hills and rendezvous with a desperate and dangerous outlaw gang.
Silver Image When a man and his son travel to Medicine Bow to photograph the West, the father soon learns that a woman he once loved lives on a nearby ranch. With her ranch caught in a bidding war, she attempts to rekindle her romance, while her foreman is tempted to betray her.
Orchard, The Clay Grainger attempts to help an old friend who lost everything when his ranch went under. When Clay hires his friend’s son to work as a ranch hand, it is soon discovered that the son has problems of his own that could lead to terrible danger for all.
A Vision of Blindness A man, looking to avenge the killing of his brother during a bank robbery, sets his sights on Trampas. When his plans for revenge go wrong, he gets a chance at love.  Will he lay down his plans for love, or commit one final act of revenge?
Wind of Outrage, The While delivering cattle close to the Canadian border, the Virginian and Trampas stop over at a remote inn to wait for payment. Trampas soon learns that the fiancée of the innkeeper is a woman from his colorful past.
Image of an Outlaw When a ranch hand at Shiloh is mistaken for being an outlaw, he sees the advantages in assuming his identity. When the real outlaw finds out that someone has been pretending to be him, the confrontation between the two men could bring the man’s plans to a halt.
Ride to Misadventure When an outbreak kills Shiloh cattle, Grainger orders a new vaccine to prevent the disease from spreading to the neighboring ranches. However, matters take a turn for the worse when a gang robs gold and the cattle vaccine from the Medicine Bow stagecoach.
Storm Gate, The While visiting a Nebraska town, Trampas has a disagreement with a childhood friend who is determined to build a dam. Concerned that his friend’s dreams may have become an obsession, Trampas must try to reason with him before it’s too late.
Dark Corridor After the Virginian finds an unconscious woman on a remote mountain trail, he takes her to his friend’s cabin. When she finally wakes up, the Virginian sees that she is suffering from amnesia as well as a mysterious fear.
Mustangers, The When the son of a well-known mustang tamer returns home from school because there is no money left to continue, his father takes a job with the Virginian. When it becomes apparent that he can no longer break horses, in desperation, he turns to a horse thief to get the money.
Nora When a major and his wife visit the Graingers, she is jealous of all the wealth surrounding her. During their visit tragedy strikes when Holly and the major’s wife are taken captive by Indians.
Big Tiny When Trampas and David Sutton travel to Durango to purchase a bull, David runs into a woman who is trying to escape the attentions of a man she does not love. In order to escape, she comes up with a possible solution.
Stopover When a gunslinger arrives in Medicine Bow, many of the residents with questionable pasts begin to wonder if he is after them. Although the gunman tells the Virginian that he is just passing through, the Virginian believes there is more to his story.
Death Wait A feud begins when David Sutton and a resident of Medicine Bow fight over the same girl. After David attempts to force the man off Shiloh Ranch, he accidently shoots him. Unwilling to accept what happened to their son, a father plots his revenge.
Last Grave at Socorro Creek After a friend of the Virginian’s is accused of robbery and murder, his son comes to him for help. Unfortunately, the Virginian is delayed on ranch business and arrives in Socorro to find his friend dead and the truth buried with him.
Crime Wave in Buffalo Springs When David Sutton quits his job at Shiloh Ranch, Trampas follows him to Buffalo Springs. Upon their arrival they are mistaken as bank robbers who have been plaguing the local bank. In an effort to prove their innocence, David and Trampas must capture the true culprits.
Ordeal, The While on a trip to Denver, Clay Grainger sends a letter to the Virginian instructing him to take on a new hand. The young man is the spoiled son of a wealthy friend, who hopes his son will learn about responsibility while learning the tools of the trade.
Land Dreamer, The After a rancher is evicted from his home, he kills the new owner and wounds the sheriff. The Virginian, Trampas and David Sutton must track the rancher down and return him to Medicine Bow for the trial.
Eileen Concerned about marriage plans, a father sends his daughter to visit Shiloh Ranch. It isn’t long before his daughter’s fiancé arrives in Medicine Bow incognito as a ranch hand.
Incident at Diablo Crossing While Trampas travels to purchase cattle by stagecoach, two soldiers join them with a warning that there could be Indian trouble ahead. When they stop for rest and water, Trampas sees a man standing in the river over the dead body of the ferryman from Diablo Crossing.
Girl in the Shadows, The An actress is hired to assume the identity of the lost niece of Clay’s deceased brother. But, Clay has little knowledge of his brother except for the fact that he was killed in a mining disaster. It’s not long before the young actress begins to wonder if she is cut out for the job.
Fox, Hound and the Widow McCloud An escaped convict who once shared a jail cell with Trampas arrives in Medicine Bow. When a bounty hunter comes to town trying to find him, Trampas must think about the consequences if he keeps his friend’s location a secret.
Stranger, The When the Virginian runs into a stranger while on a trip, he decides to offer him a job back at Medicine Bow. However, when the foreman of a nearby ranch is murdered and the owner injured, all signs point to the Virginian’s newest recruit.
Long Ride Home After two men help Holly with a team of runaway horses, she suggests they return to Medicine Bow to work at Shiloh Ranch. Although their work ethic and skills impress the Virginian, one of the men has trouble settling down to the life of a ranch hand.
A Flash of Darkness After three hired hands quit a horse drive, the Virginian then strays off after a couple of horses and is temporarily blinded when his horse stumbles. Alone and in need of medical attention, he wanders into a cabin where a young woman is waiting for the return of her father and brothers.
Halfway Back from Hell In Arizona, Trampas encounters a group of men who are in a fight with the local Indians. After one of the men is killed, Trampas decides to join them, but not everything about his new companions is as it seems.
Power Seekers, The Clay Grainger is drafted to run for a position left vacant after a territorial representative resigned. After learning about the dirty side of politics, he is determined to win honestly.
Family Man, The After a young family, who is expecting a baby, rent a house near Medicine bow, the husband finds out that he is accused of theft. To protect his family, he leaves his wife alone on their farm. When a Shiloh ranch hand goes to look after her, he finds himself torn between honor and duty.
Runaway, The When a young man escapes from a home for boys in Colorado, he travels to Wyoming to find his father. While he takes refuge at Shiloh Ranch, the Graingers attempt to find out more about his past.
A Love to Remember When reporter Julie Oakes arrives in Medicine Bow from Boston to do a story on the West, the attraction between her and the Virginian is undeniable. However, memories of her husband’s death lead to events that no one could have expected.
Substitute, The When Trampas leaves for vacation, his plans are ruined when a bounty hunter picks him up for murdering a popular doctor. While there, he has to contend with a hostile town, planted evidence, and with a saloon girl who is convinced she witnessed the murder.
Bugler, The When a young soldier deserts the Army after receiving unfair treatment, he is taken in by the Graingers while he recovers. Clay attempts to find out the truth even if it means contacting the soldier’s commanding officer.
Home to Methuselah Claiming that he has retired, an old lawman friend of the Virginian comes to Shiloh to visit and asks him to go on a hunting trip. It isn’t long before the Virginian realizes that their intended prey is human.
A Touch of Hands When a young woman returns home from finishing school to Medicine Bow for a two-week vacation, her beauty catches Trampas’ eyes again. However, her father isn’t happy with the connection between his daughter and the life he is convinced is responsible for her mother’s death.
Journey to Scathelock When an emergency calls the Virginian away, he sends Jim Horn to handle the purchase and shipment of horses from the Canadian border back to Shiloh. However, when the deal doesn’t go according to plan, Jim is forced to prove his loyalty to Shiloh Ranch.
A Woman of Stone When a white woman’s Shoshone husband dies, she is forced to leave the Indian reservation. The Virginian and Jim find her and her son near Shiloh after she becomes sick with the same illness that killed her husband. As she recovers, she learns that her first husband and their daughter still live in town.
Black Jade After the Virginian trades a watch for a cow during a cattle drive, Trampas recognizes that the watch once belonged to an old friend. When he decides to track down the man who sold it, an outlaw group, who will do anything to get what they want most, captures him.
You Can Lead a Horse to Water Trampas travels to Clearwater to return a man wanted for stealing horses. Their journey is interrupted when the stagecoach is robbed and the dowry of one of the passengers is taken. As they attempt to track down the men responsible for the crime, the prisoner is provided with a chance for redemption.
Nightmare The Virginian helps the widow of a local businessman prove her innocence when her husband is killed in a fire. Matters go from bad to worse when her late husband’s top employee decides to leave the business to the young widow.
Gift, The When two men rob the railroad station and kill the clerk, one is fatally shot and the other goes on the run. Before the wounded man dies, he makes it to the room of a popular saloon singer. With the eye of the authorities on her, she begins a relationship with one of the Shiloh hands.
Train of Darkness On their way back from Cheyenne, Clay, Elizabeth and Jim meet some of the passengers including a man and his new bride. During their journey secrets are revealed, and more than one life is put in danger.
A Time of Terror Two brothers and their sister take the Graingers hostage when they believe Clay was involved with the man who stole their parents homestead. Matters take a turn for the worse when the siblings disagree on how best to handle the situation.
No War for the Warrior The Virginian signs on a new hand to help take a herd of cattle to the Army. Along the way Jim befriends him and learns that he is an escaped Kiowa Indian. When they make the sale, one of the soldiers recognizes him as the man who is wanted for the murder of four soldiers, forcing Jim to make a difficult choice.
A King’s Ransom Clay Grainger is kidnapped and held for ransom by a gang from San Francisco. One of the members attempts to help Holly Grainger, but the leader of the gang has other ideas. Meanwhile, Jim Horn and the Virginian try to find Clay on their own.
Sins of the Fathers, The After being rescued from a dangerous situation, the Virginian thanks his rescuer by offering him a job at Shiloh Ranch. However, as time passes, Clay begins to wonder about the new hand’s past and his true motives for taking the job.
Rich Man, Poor Man When a man who has never had much luck with finances comes into a $10,000 reward, he decides to take the Virginian’s advice and buy a ranch. However, his lack of business know-how and money management soon gets in the way.