The Cowboy Way
Season Three Premieres APRIL 26TH at 8PM ET


An American Tradition

The cowboys of Faith Cattle Company risk their safety while removing a rogue bull from their herd. Bubba and Kaley get ready for their newborn, Cody must put on a successful rodeo, and Booger tries to tame the wildest horse in the county.

Midnight Cowboys

Wayward yearlings end up on a baseball field, and the guys are called in to rope them. Bubba’s father-in-law offers him an office job; Cody considers a new house for his growing family, and Booger teaches a boy about the cowboy way of life.

The Friend Zone

A cattle delivery is in jeopardy when the truck gets stuck in a ditch. Bubba builds a custom grill in hopes of launching a new business, Cody must sell a horse to fund his dream home, and Booger goes on a date with his best friend Ashley.

Is it a Boy or a Girl?

After a colt goes missing, the guys search for the young horse before it is injured. Booger ventures into the world of internet dating, Bubba’s horse gets sick and is rushed to the vet, and Cody finds out if he’s having a boy or a girl.

Misty Makes a Match

Bubba and the guys are in for a busy week when they’re called upon to capture a wild hog that has been getting into a neighbor’s garden. Cody and Misty get serious about baby names, and Booger goes on a blind date that Misty arranges.

Frost Moves In

The guys need a bigger tractor to plant winter grass, so Bubba builds a horse stall for a neighbor in exchange for the use of his tractor. Has Booger found his soul mate? Cody moves forward with plans for his dream home.

An Extra Hand

The guys search for a new ranch hand that can help out when Bubba takes time off to be with his family. Bubba and Kaley take a trip to Mississippi to visit her family, and Booger makes a last-ditch effort to save some of his family’s land.

New Beginnings

Bubba and Kaley welcome their baby into the world, Cody is given a week to complete a big contracting job for a local rancher, and Booger introduces a girlfriend to his grandma. Finally, the whole gang gets to meet the new baby.

Season Roundup

Lasso a special episode of The Cowboy Way, and ride along as Bubba, Cody and Booger bring you the best of season one. From wrangling cattle to their personal lives, this trio takes you behind the scenes to look at how entertaining cowboy life can be.

Bubba, Cody and Booger: Back in the Saddle

Back for a new season of riding horses and roping cows, cowboy trio Bubba, Cody and Booger undertake a huge cattle drive for Cody’s brother in-law in Mississippi. Bubba and
Kaley wager a bet on who can better handle the other’s workload: Bubba tries his hand at babysitting while Kaley does Bubba’s ranch chores. Misty wants to be a stay-at-home mom, but suffers an accident while trying to help Cody on the farm. As Booger and his girlfriend Jaclyn get more serious, Booger considers taking their relationship one step

Put a Ring on It

A cowboy’s day is never done. When an infection hits the herd, the boys must act fast to contain the contamination. While working to stop its spread, Cody, Bubba and Booger agree it’s high time Faith Cattle Co. had a permanent office. As Cody and Booger break ground on the new headquarters, their resident carpenter, Bubba, goes MIA. Torn between his work family in Alabama, and his family life in Mississippi, Bubba ponders what his future may hold. As one business grows faster than a young buck, Cody and Misty seek financial backing to get their new venture off the ground.  And with Jaclyn quickly becoming part of the family, Booger prepares to pop the question.

Tradition vs. Technology

Bubba, Cody and Booger know how to work hard and play harder. Needing to ensure that a shipment of cattle goes out on time, the boys will earn every penny when some of the herd doesn’t cooperate. Bubba uses his carpenter skills to finish construction on the office, while Cody and Booger challenge each other to a modern game of hide-and-go-seek. Jaclyn kicks off wedding preparations by taking the wives dress shopping, while Booger makes the boys compete to be his best man. And with Misty’s dreams becoming a reality, Cody embraces their new life by giving her a sweet surprise.

Bulls on the Beach

Being a cowboy is not for the faint-hearted. In this episode of The Cowboy Way, Bubba, Cody and Booger find out that even an easy job can be risky business when a cow goes rogue during sorting. Caught between two worlds, Bubba rolls the dice and starts a job with his father-in-law in Mississippi. But can he trade saddles for spreadsheets? Cody takes a big gamble to impress a potential sponsor of Bulls on the Beach. But when the bulls go missing right before showtime, he’s left wondering if it will pay off. And Booger tries his hand at dance lessons, but learns he’s more footloose than fancy-free.

Saddle Up or Settle Down?

A cowboy’s life is rarely tame. In this episode of The Cowboy Way, Bubba, Cody and Booger come face-to-face with a wild cow that doesn’t want to be wrangled. The boys must work quickly to subdue her before the herd becomes uncontrollable. When Bubba discovers how lucrative his father-in-law’s business can be, he wonders if he can let go of the unbridled cowboy lifestyle for an office life in Mississippi. With Misty eyeing his best horse, Cody must train a new one to be ranch-ready before Misty claims his horse for her own. And as Booger approaches his final days of bachelor freedom, the boys take him out for one last hurrah.

Tying the Knot

It’s time to take the plunge on The Cowboy Way! Booger and Jaclyn will finally say “I do” in a gorgeous Southern ceremony, filled with love and charm. There won’t be a dry eye in the house on this wedding day! But work must be done before the celebrations can begin, and Bubba and Cody will dive into the deep end of a pond to stop a cow that wants to swim. Misty will use all of her skills to negotiate the purchase of her first herd. And Bubba’s father-in-law offers him a profitable job that could make his life smooth sailing, but is he willing to let his cowboy days sail into the sunset?

All for One or One for Himself?

Things start to heat up on this episode of The Cowboy Way! After a picture perfect wedding, Booger and Jaclyn see sunny days ahead when they go to the beach for their honeymoon. In Alabama, Misty starts to feel the heat of running her own business, and asks Cody for a hand. But, with the future of Faith Cattle Co. looking uncertain, Cody wonders if he can shoulder more responsibility. When Booger returns, the boys sit down and talk about what’s best for their business. As commitments are called into question, the conversation gets heated and the boys must decide if it’s time to part ways.

Happy Trails

Things got heated in the last episode, as the guys faced decisions about their futures as husbands, fathers, business partners, best friends and cowboys. Now, Bubba, though pressured from all sides, makes right with Cody and Booger. And just in time! A big job comes in, and the boys saddle up to get it done the way they do it best—as a team. Meanwhile, Booger and Jaclyn make the big move to his ranch. Still the big question hangs in the air, and Bubba must finally decide: Hang up the spurs, and move to Mississippi to take over his father-in-law’s business? Or stay in Alabama, living the cowboy way.

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Season Three Premieres APRIL 26TH at 8PM ET

INSP’s returning original series The Cowboy Way follows the lives of three modern-day cowboys as they work hard, play hard and face challenges head-on. Living life by a cowboy code is as important to them as it was to those who tamed the west. While their days aren’t easy, they love the rugged life they’ve chosen. These cowboys and their families wouldn’t have it any other way.