Meet the Cowboys

Bubba Thompson

In addition to being a rancher, Bubba is also a skilled carpenter. In 2012, his charm and traditional values landed him in the runner up spot on a popular southern-style dating show. Over the course of the show, he won the hearts of women across the country with his integrity, manners, and respect for women. In September, 2015, Bubba gave up his bachelor status and married his true love, Kaley.

Cody Harris

Cody is a longtime pro-rodeo, calf-roping competitor, with more than a few championship buckles. He is deeply rooted in rodeo life. Now retired from competition, and having sold his prized horse, he keeps his hand in the game as a rodeo producer, including the annual “Bulls on the Beach” rodeo in Orange Beach, Alabama. Like Bubba, he sought love on the dating show, but he found the woman of his dreams at a different kind of competition—the rodeo. In March, 2014, Cody married Misty, a champion barrel racer from Mississippi.

Chris “Booger” Brown

Booger grew up on the family farm, and has been a rancher his entire life. He is also an accomplished horseman and renowned horse trainer whose natural instincts allow him to “think like a horse.” Booger has a fun-loving personality and is often quick to joke around with his best buddies.

Kaley Thompson

Kaley may come from a well-established Mississippi family, but she is as downhome, country girl as they come. In fact, when she and Bubba were planning their wedding, she wanted a low-key gathering of family and friends, and Bubba wanted a more extravagant affair. She loves to ride horses, fish, and help out around the ranch. She and Bubba are expecting their first child.

Misty Harris

Like her husband, Cody, Misty is well-known on the rodeo circuit. She’s competed in barrel racing almost her entire life, and also knows her way around behind-the-scenes, producing events. Married just a few years, she is devoted to Cody, family and their way of life. She and Cody are preparing for the arrival of their first child.