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The Christmas Candle

This heartwarming film is based on the book by Max Lucado, and stars Hans Matheson, Samantha Barks, and Susan Boyle, the inspiring singer who stunned the judges and audience on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009.

Out in the English countryside is the charming village of Gladbury. Its residents live a simple, almost enchanted life, especially during the Christmas season, when legend has it every 25 years an angel arrives at the village candle maker’s shop and touches one of his candles. Whoever lights that angel-blessed candle receives a Christmas miracle. If they are sick and suffering, they are healed. If they are living in poverty, they are given the means to live a prosperous life. If they are living in sadness or fear, they are granted hope and peace.

Now as the 25th Christmas approaches, changes are coming to the idyllic village. A new pastor, Reverend David Richmond arrives to fill the vacant post. While David agreed to leave his beloved London to share his faith with the good people of this quaint town, he is not one to look back. He embraces all the possibilities of the exciting, new century that is upon them, including the expanding availability of electric lighting. This is a disturbing advent for the candle maker, and to make matters worse, David does not believe in the Christmas candle! In fact, having worked among the poor in London, he believes the only miracles that exist are those that result from good works of ordinary people, just as Christ would have them do. The townsfolk begin to follow his example, but when he announces he intends to wire the church with electric lights, he causes a distress, especially for the candle maker and his wife.

Then one night, while in his shop, working on candles to add to his enormous pile, the angel arrives and designates the chosen candle. So dumbstruck is the candle maker that he loses that the angel-blessed candle among his huge inventory. Now, he must find a way to allow the angel’s miracle to occur and prove to the pastor that Christmas miracles are real.