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Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye

Characters based on real people and events! With the encouragement of her parents, a young deaf woman, Sue Thomas, has excelled academically and is quite adept at living life to its fullest, socially, emotionally and spiritually, in both deaf and hearing society. Indeed she is able to read lips, speak, and communicate in sign language. She plays the piano and ice skates. But have her parents fostered her independence a little too well? Because now, Sue has applied for, and been offered, her very first “real” job—with the FBI. She’s determined to strike out on her own, leave the security of the Ohio community she’s familiar with to live alone in the relentless bustle of Washington DC. Though her parents are worried she won’t be able to cope in such strange surroundings, Sue gets her way. She packs up her car, picks up a most unusual service dog named Levi, and makes the drive to the nation’s capital, eager for a life of adventure as an agent.

When she reports to work on the first day, however, she discovers her big “case” entails a desk, a chair and a stack of fingerprints to analyze. She’s been hired, in part, as administrator to fulfill the agency’s diversity obligations. Naturally, this turn of events doesn’t sit well with the spirited career woman, and she marches down to human resources to give them a piece of her mind. The first person she sees is handsome Jack Hudson and she goes off on a tirade. He listens, and when she’s finished she finds out he’s not from personnel at all, but a Special Agent. Fascinated by her ability to read lips with such accuracy, he takes her to lunch to give her a test. Sue is to read the lips of another agent at a great distance from where she’s sitting, and she passes with flying colors. Jack proposes to use Sue’s skill in cases where wiretapping by the FBI is not feasible.

From desk jockey to Special Investigative Analyst, Sue is now part of Jack’s team and ready to take her first assignment with her canine sidekick, Levi, discerning the private conversations of Russian mobsters. But what was supposed to be a position that keeps her out of the fray soon plunges her right in the middle of the intrigue and into the hands of the gangsters.