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Secret of Giving

Grammy and Country Music Association Award winning artist and Golden Globe nominee, the legendary “Queen of Country,” Reba McEntire stars in this dramatic tale of a woman desperate to hold on to her son and her home in Oregon, 1905.

It is nearly Christmas and young widow, Rose Cameron is still reeling from the death of her husband. Now the mortgage on her ranch is overdue and the unscrupulous bank manager, Harlan Gotch, is intent on proceeding with foreclosure. Rose has only a few cattle to sell to try to cover the debt, but her five-year-old son, Toby is ill with a high fever and in need of medication, this on top of what she already owes the doctor, among other bills.

To make matters worse, a well-organized, well-funded band of cattle rustlers has been roaming the territory systematically stealing livestock, with the sole purpose of intimidating farmers and ruining family ranches by driving them into bankruptcy.

Into this tense situation comes a charismatic lone rider, a mystery man, Harry Withers. He arrives on Rose’s ranch looking for a meal and a place to stay. Having a generous nature, she opens her door to the handsome stranger. Immediately he is captivated by Rose, her sick son and life on her ranch. He and Rose are drawn to each other, but Rose has a feeling he’s holding something back, as if he’s harboring a dark secret, concealing his true self. Is he just a loner, picking up work wherever the trail leads? Or does he have a shady past, one so sinister that he needs to guard it with his life? And if so, is he on the path to redemption? Then someone thinks they recognize him as a notorious ex-outlaw. But in spite of a possible accusation, Harry goes to Harlan Gotch, at considerable risk to himself, to strike a deal on Rose’s behalf.

Still, the whole community is in danger as the cattle-rustling crime spree continues. Lead by Rose’s steadfast determination, tempered with her kind nature, she, the ranchers, Harry and a group of Chinese immigrants take matters into their own hands, and they prepare to confront the bandits once and for all. If they succeed, it may be a Merry Christmas, after all. If not, the consequences will be dire.