The Rookie

Dennis Quaid stars!

Dennis Quaid stars as the high school baseball coach who makes a deal with his team: if they win the district, he’ll try out for the Major Leagues. When they do win, Jim keeps his word…and chases the dream of a lifetime.

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The Rookie

Dennis Quaid and Rachel Griffiths star in this inspiring movie about faith, commitment, and never giving up on your dreams. Based on a true story!

Jim Morris is a chemistry teacher and high school baseball coach in Big Lake, Texas, where football is everybody’s favorite sport and baseball runs a distant second. He is married to a wonderful woman and he has three great kids. All of his hard work has been worth it, and his life is perfect. He can honestly say that every dream of his has come true. Well, almost every dream…

When Jim was young, he wanted to be a baseball player more than anything else in the whole wide world. His father didn’t encourage that dream, but still, Jim pursued it…until he tore up his shoulder and had to retire. Now, as a baseball coach on a team with players that possess glimpses of promise but show no signs of motivation, he often tells his players to never, ever give up on their dreams.

While throwing batting practice one day, his players realize that Jim has the most amazing fastball they’ve ever seen. His players make him a deal: if they can win district and make it to the playoffs, Jim will try out for the Major Leagues.

To Jim’s surprise, the Big Lake Owls do win the district and make it all the way to the state playoffs. It’s at this point that Jim learns about a nearby tryout for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Now, Jim wonders: does it make sense to give up his comfortable life as a husband, father, and teacher? Is it worth leaving behind a good paying job, only to toil in the minor leagues for what could be years, all for very little pay? He knows what his father would say, and he’s pretty sure it would be to forget about baseball once and for all.

Jim isn’t quite sure what to do, but of one thing he is certain: he might never be able to live with himself if he doesn’t give it one last shot to catch the dream that’s finally within his reach…