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Promise the Moon

Sweeping drama and romance as vast as the Canadian west. In the 1920s, cattle ranch foreman, Roy Leckner finds himself in an unusual predicament. His ailing boss and owner of the struggling Four Arrows Ranch, asks him to find his long lost son, Levi, and train him to run the place, as the boy will be his heir. Roy finds the mysterious young man, now grown, confined to an asylum, where he’s spent his entire life.

Roy gets Levi and his friend and protector, Sophie Twelvetrees out of the institution and heads back to the ranch. However, there’s a problem with Levi. He’s deaf, doesn’t speak and can’t communicate at all. How could he possibly train him? When they arrive at Four Arrows, Roy discovers his boss has died and left guardianship of Levi and the running of the ranch to him. Roy wants no part of it. He’s ready to hit the trail, but Roy’s troubles are just beginning.

The bank is threatening to foreclose on the property, Sir Robert Butler, a ruthless businessman is positioning himself to take over the ranch and Levi’s unscrupulous uncle, having been left out of the will, is out to discredit the boy. It all seems hopeless to Roy. Then Miss Jane Makepeace, a very prim and proper Englishwoman and former secretary to Sir Robert, arrives. She’s there to collect wages he stiffed her out of. Roy finds an unlikely ally in Jane, the first glimmer of hope that he stands a chance against the overwhelming odds, not to mention a spark of romance he never counted on.

With Levi making progress, Jane learning the rough and ready ways of the west, Roy and his unusual “family,” get ready for the cattle drive of their lives to save the ranch.