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Sunday, April 27th 11 ET

Midnight Stallion

Family Entertainment at its best! Kris Kristofferson and Jodelle Ferland star

Jack Shephard, wife Rita and daughter Megan live on a dairy farm. Jack likes a quiet life with family, friends and the great outdoors. But the outside world has invaded Jack’s paradise. The tough economy has already forced many of his neighbors to make hard choices. Now, the Shephard’s are three months behind on their mortgage, and foreclosure is inevitable, unless they make some drastic decisions. Rita wants Jack to sell the cows and grow wheatgrass. He wants to restore the property to the glory days as a horse ranch.

Troubled, he saddles up and rides out into the woods, seeking peace and insight. That’s when he sees him in a meadow, sleek, powerful and faster than any horse Jack owns, a stallion as black as midnight and as untamed as the wilderness. Could this magnificent animal be the answer to Jack’s prayers?

In spite of Rita’s objections, Jack is determined to enter the stallion in a race. The prize money would save the farm. He lures the horse to the farm, but the terrified stallion breaks free. Jack watches his dream diminish in the clash of thundering hooves and clouds of dust. He gives up, resigning himself to life as a wheatgrass farmer.

Now, Jack is about to learn a lesson of faith and destiny, and his education will come from a surprising source. While out riding, Megan sees the stallion and slowly, over time, she gains the suspicious equine’s trust and respect. But will that bond be enough?

With the race coming up soon, and nothing else to lose, the Shephard’s must join together as a family to believe in each other, and have faith that a rogue horse can beat the odds.