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The Mask of Zorro

Get ready for an inspiring, edge-of-your-seat, swashbuckling tale of good versus evil, complete with breathtaking stunts, skilled horsemanship and heart-melting romance.

The legendary Zorro, Don Diego de la Vega, played dashingly by Anthony Hopkins, has been imprisoned for twenty years following the cruel vengeance taken upon Zorro’s family by his arch-enemy, the power-hungry Don Rafael Montero.

When Montero returns with a corrupt plan to purchase California from General Santa Ana, Don Diego, aged and spiritually broken, finds a renewed purpose—to stop the wicked plot against his homeland and people, and finally seek revenge for the murder of his wife and abduction of his beloved daughter at the hands of Montero. He escapes, only to realize that, in his youth he would have flung headstrong into this this mission, but now he’d need a little help. So he heads out to find the “heir” to the Zorro name, a strapping young man with fiery passion for justice. He finds him in the former street urchin, now undisciplined bandit, Alejandro Murrieta, played by Antonio Banderas. Though filled with great scenes of derring-do and suspense, lighthearted moments shine through. As Don Diego completes Alejandro’s training and deems him worthy of the name, “Zorro,” he tells his student, “I must teach you something that is completely beyond your reach—charm.”

The battles begin, drama heightens, and amid the clashes between the forces of good and evil, sweet love blossoms between the young Zorro and Montero’s fiercely independent daughter, Elena, portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones. Now young Zorro has two missions: to defeat Montero and release the peasants from corruption and oppression…and to win Elena’s heart.

Watch this epic adventure, and see if Alejandro lives up to the legacy of the noble name of Zorro.