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Kirk Cameron stars in this powerful film about marriage and redemption.

Fire Captain, Caleb Holt has one rule for his team: Never leave a partner, especially in a fire. But a “fire” is raging in his own home, and Caleb hardly plays by his own rules. Caleb and his wife, Catherine can’t seem to talk without ending up in a fight. Catherine accuses Caleb of selfishness, not spending time with her and saving his money for an expensive boat when her mother, a stroke victim, needs special medical care and a costly electric wheelchair. He claims she’s inconsiderate of his needs and does not appreciate the sacrifices he makes for others. To make matters worse, Caleb is addicted to internet porn, preferring perverse fantasy to his own wife’s love and affection.

Finally, their emotions raw, their mutual disrespect at its ugliest, Catherine says she wants out. Caleb’s volatile temper explodes, but in the end he lets her go, stubbornly declaring their marriage over. Divorce is the only option.

In spite of the dire situation, John, Caleb’s father, has hope. A devoted Christian, John encourages Caleb to postpone divorce proceedings and instead, take the “Love Dare,” a challenge in which Caleb is to perform acts that treat Catherine with kindness, love and respect. It would be a thorough examination of his responsibility in their relationship and hopefully, a way to woo her back. Reluctantly, he accepts. About halfway through the challenge, having met with nothing but rejection, Caleb plans a romantic dinner, and Catherine tells him to his face she no longer loves him.

Distraught, defeated and at rock bottom, Caleb wants to throw in the towel, but again, his father intercedes, showing his son the way to Christ. Caleb opens his heart, determined to save his marriage, but the obstacles seem greater than ever. Now, Caleb discovers a doctor at the hospital where Catherine works does nothing to hide his affection for her—and Catherine seems receptive to his advances. It’s time for Caleb to fight fire with fire.