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Starring Jack Palance (Ebenezer Scrooge), Rick Schroder (Sam Benson), and Amy Locane (Erica Marlowe). Share tidings of Christmas joy with this retelling of the Dickens classic that has a decidedly Wild West twist!

This time out, Scrooge is a greedy land grabber, card cheat, and gunfighter who thinks that Christmas is hogwash and good will towards men is a waste of time. He spends Christmas Eve at the saloon cheating Sam Benson out of his money, his horse, and his land—and he throws in a Christmas brawl to boot.

Knowing that he’s been cheated, Sam heads out to tell his fiancé, Erica. Erica is the daughter of Jacob Marley, Scrooge’s long dead partner. Marley’s daughter knows Scrooge’s heartlessness full well, since he swindled her out of her inheritance. Now, it seems that her wedding and her future with Sam are gone too.

Back at the saloon, Ebenezer’s trusty assistant, Bob Cratchit, discovers the reason for his boss’s constant good luck: a secret chamber under the card table that holds extra cards. When Ebenezer realizes that Bob knows his secret, he gives him a Christmas bonus the poor man can barely afford: he fires him!

There’s no room for pity, compassion, or caring in Ebenezer’s dried up old heart. He’s all set to continue his drunken, thieving ways when his old partner—and dead friend—Jacob Marley comes a’ calling. Jacob has some thoughts about the cruel and heartless life Ebenezer has been living, and he informs him that three ghosts will arrive to teach him the true meaning of Christmas.

Scrooge doesn’t believe there’s anything to see in his past, present, or future that needs changing, but he goes along for the ride. Soon, Scrooge discovers how things might’ve been different…and he wonders if he still has time to make things right.

There’s just one big problem: an old West-style tradition that was made for the likes of this greedy old man will be waiting for him at high noon on Christmas day. The future may be calling in his debts, and Scrooge may be out of time and ways to pay up. Will Ebenezer find the true meaning of Christmas in time…or will death demand payment in full?