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The Bouquet

Stars Kristy Swanson, Alberta Mayne, Michael Shanks, Nicola Cavendish and Danny Glover!

Sometimes out of tragedy come hope and a new beginning. In this heartwarming film about family and love, busy executive Terri and her sensitive, idealistic sister Mandy do not see eye-to-eye, never have. As opposite in opinion, logic and process as two people can get, neither understands the other, nor do they even attempt to reach common ground.

Now that they’re grown, making lives for themselves and have gone their separate ways, they avoid each other at all costs. In fact, Terri, busy with her career in New York City, makes it a point to stay away from her aging parents, the town she grew up in and anything associated with family unless it’s absolutely necessary. Mandy, an environmentalist, living only 20 miles away from her childhood home, is no better at making time for her mom and dad.

When their father dies suddenly, Terri and Mandy are thrust into a situation that forces them to work together, lest his legacy and their mother’s financial security be lost forever. Not only did their father leave his widow with a failing family florist shop and a hefty mortgage on the house in order to keep it afloat, but the sisters also find that their mother knows nothing about running a business.

Business is all Terri knows, so she dives right in, leaving Mandy feeling resentful and argumentative. As the sisters work through their grief, the possible bankruptcy of the florist shop and the house and their mother’s uncertain future, they do their best to collaborate, but old rivalries and bitterness resurface. Will they be able to set aside their pride and open their hearts to the kind of loving bond only sisters know? If they do, they might discover something unexpected—they’re not that different, after all.