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The Borrowers

An INSP Premiere!

Stars John Goodman and Hugh Laurie! A hilarious family-friendly film that will have kids and kids at heart howling with laughter!

Exasperated by things “gone missing” around the house and his parents chalking the incidents up to his vivid imagination, young Pete Lender sets out to solve the mystery on his own. Shortly after constructing traps, he catches one of the perpetrators, Arrietty, a very tiny girl—miniscule, in fact, at only 4-inches tall. She is the daughter of Pod Clock, whose other family members include wife, Homily and son, Peagreen.

They call themselves “The Borrowers,” and they live inside the walls and under the floorboards of the Lenders’ home. Now, life for the Lender family and the Clock’s is about to change dramatically. Ocious P. Potter, the Lender family lawyer, cannot find the will of the family’s deceased aunt, the only proof that they are the rightful owners of the house and property. Because the document is nowhere to be found, the Lender’s will have to move immediately. The house has already been slated for demolition and designs have been drawn for new luxury apartments to be built on the land.

Pete warns the Clock family that they will have to move, too, and they agree, though reluctantly. On the way to the new house, Arrietty and Peagreen fall out of the moving truck, but make their way back to the old house where they hope to find directions to their new home. There, they discover Potter about to burn the aunt’s will. Arrietty and Peagreen manage to retrieve the will, but now Potter is out to destroy them. One daring escape after another, the siblings with Potter and a hired exterminator hot on their trail, end up in a milk factory, where Potter has devised evil plans for the tiny brother and sister duo. Now it’s up to Pete and an “army” of other Borrowers, to rescue Arrietty and Peagreen, and finally save the place they call home.