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Stars Brenda Blethyn, Whoopi Goldberg and Christopher Plummer! Directed by LaVar Burton!

This charming story is filled with Christmas spirit and a perfect uplifting message for a family movie night—from young kids to grandma and grandpa!

Young Jess is upset that her best friend Bobby’s family has moved out of town. Nothing brings her joy. Then her eccentric aunt Millie comes for a visit, and seeing her beloved niece’s distress, she tells her a story about another 10-year-old girl from many years past. Soon Jess is drawn into a fantasy world of wishes and dreams, obstacles and the determination to overcome them, the joy of Christmas and Santa’s enchanting North Pole—and most importantly, the meaning of enduring friendship.

The story Millie tells is about Katie, a young figure skater who dreams of competing and someday becoming a world champion. It is her passion. Every day she practices at an ice rink near her suburban home and one day former Olympic champion, Otto Brewer notices Katie’s efforts and offers to help her finesse her talent into a performance that can hold its own in international competition, in the spotlight, going up against the best of the best. She eagerly accepts his offer to be her coach, and soon she displays the grace and athleticism of top skaters going for the gold, executing breathtaking jumps and dizzying spins. As Otto instructs Katie on technique, the two become good friends, their bond a common dream—his having been achieved, hers, yet to come.

Now, Katie’s progress is about to come to a crashing halt—and her dream along with it. Her father has lost his job, and in order to support the family, they must move to the city where more opportunities are available. Katie is distraught, not only is she losing the opportunity to skate, but she’s also losing a close and supportive friend in Otto.

While Katie is perfecting her axels and arabesques, up in the North Pole, a new reindeer is born, the baby of Blitzen and Delphi, and this is no ordinary reindeer. Santa names her Blizzard, and soon, they discover she is magical! As she matures, she displays the three powers only the most famous reindeer possess: Flight, invisibility and empathy. Blizzard’s empathic abilities are strong, and she senses Katie’s utter sadness as if those feelings are her very own. Breaking the rules set by the strict Chief Elf, Archimedes, Blizzard flies to Katie to help her realize her dreams and teach her an important lesson about true and abiding friendship.

But Archimedes is a by-the-book task master, and when he discovers Blizzard’s insubordination, he threatens to banish the young reindeer from Santa’s herd. As the story unfolds, Jess, too must learn some lessons about the many aspects of friendship, hard decisions in life, the sustaining power of hope and never giving up on one’s dreams.