A Christmas Carol

Stars Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant and Joel Grey!

Based on the classic Dickens novel, Patrick Stewart stars as Scrooge in this timeless tale of greed and ultimate redemption at Christmas in 1840s London. A miserly businessman is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve, come to warn him of the consequences of his wicked ways.

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A Christmas Carol

achristmascarol_00284707This 1999 version of the Dickens classic tells the well-known tale of miserly, mean-spirited Ebenezer Scrooge, a greedy businessman so foul, he sees no purpose for laughter, family or holidays—especially Christmas. He decries charity, and has no sympathy for his poverty-stricken employee Bob Cratchit, let alone empathy for the poor man’s physically challenged son. Scrooge is a bitter, lonely old man whose anger hurts everyone he meets. Now, he’s buried his longtime business partner, Jacob Marley, who in life was an equally miserable man.

achristmascarol_00284755On Christmas Eve, Scrooge will have a life-changing experience. First the decrepit spirit of Jacob appears to him, warning that three ghosts will visit during the night. He reveals to Scrooge the price he’s paying in the afterlife for the life he led on earth. Throughout the night The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present and the most horrifying of all The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come take Scrooge on a journey he’ll never forget! On his overnight travels through time with these terrifying specters, Scrooge must face the one person that scares him most—himself. He must account for all his wrong-doings and decide whether or not he will change, while he has time.

achristmascarol_00284175This unique version is said to be closest to Dickens’ original novel, including many scenes from the book that do not appear in other adaptations. It’s a heartwarming Christmas story complete with special effects. Patrick Stewart plays Scrooge with great feeling, portraying him, not as a caricature, but as a living man whose early life was filled with pain, loss and rejection, and whose response to such sadness took him in the wrong direction. The powerful message, especially during the Christmas season, is that there’s always an opportunity for redemption, but Scrooge must choose to change.