What's On

Eastern Standard Time
Sunday, September 21st starting at 2 ET

Matlock Marathon

The Thoroughbred 2pm

When the manager of a thoroughbred farm is murdered, her grieving father begs Matlock to represent the mentally handicapped man accused of the crime. Ben will soon discover horse racing is serious business and many are desperate to have their horse win.

The Cover Girl 3pm

Sometimes looks can kill. Three beautiful young models are suspected of murdering their agent following their latest photo-shoot. Upon Conrad’s insistence, Matlock takes on the classic whodunit case.

The Magician 4pm

Matlock discovers he has more than one tricky suspect to contend with as he tries to defend a magician accused of murdering his ambitious and disloyal assistant. Matlock soon learns that among magicians, everything is seldom as it appears

The Umpire 5pm

Matlock attempts to defend a softball coach who is accused of killing the umpire, who was also his boss, during the league’s playoff game. As the details of the case surface, Ben learns that several people were unhappy with more than just the umpire’s calls on the ball field.

The Court-Martial 6pm

Part 1″ Even though he knows they will resent his interference, Matlock takes on the United States military when he defends a Private who says he has been framed for the murder of a sadistic lieutenant.

The Court-Martial 7pm

Part 2″ As his investigation continues, Matlock begins to uncover a scandal meticulously buried among four corrupt and dangerous military officers. Meanwhile, Tyler, posing as a private, discovers that cocaine is being shipped out of the supply depot.