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Sunday, October 19th starting at 1 ET

Matlock “Spirit of Competition” Marathon

1pm The Annihilator

Guest Star Dick Butkus – Matlock represents a famous wrestler whi is accused of killing a long-time rival. The key witness in the case is a young girl who was a die-hard fan of the dead wrestler, but her story might not be completely accurate.

2pm The Fighter

Ben Matlock finds no shortage of shady characters when scandal and murder rocks the training camp of boxer Billy Leon just before the biggest match of his career. Ben must quickly determine if Leon is a violent man who killed a newsman, or a championship contender someone wants out of the way.

3pm The Foursome

When a millionaire is accused of murdering his daughter’s suitor, Matlock offers his old friend his help. During the course of his investigations, Matlock finds out that his friend is not the only one that had issues with the deceased.

4pm The Game Show

When a game show host is accused of murdering his producer, Matlock must defend him. While Michelle goes undercover, Ben falls for the shows attractive co-host, putting the case in serious jeopardy.

5pm The Murder Game

While playing a mystery game at a stately island mansion, Matlock discovers the ‘victim’ in the game has been murdered in real life. In the matter of one evening, the island hideaway goes from perfect vacation spot to crime scene and Ben is on the case.

6pm “The Heist

Part 1″ Cliff’s preparation for an upcoming triathlon is over-shadowed by four bank robber’s intent on recovering what they stole and stashed in a hiding place. When Matlock’s friend, an ex-FBI agent, foils their plan, he finds himself facing a murder rap.

7pm “The Heist

Part 2″ When Matlock’s friend, an ex-FBI agent, foils four robbers’ plan, he finds himself facing a murder rap. Now it’s up to Ben to step in and attempt to crack the case, proving his friend’s innocence in the process.