Saturday, November 11th from 3p to 8p ET

The Gunsmoke Veterans Day Marathon

We’re paying tribute to our nation’s veterans by showcasing Gunsmoke star, James Arness, whose bravery during World War II, in Operation Shingle at Anzio, Italy, earned him several decorations, including: the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the World War II Victory Medal, among others.

Army Cpl. Arness suffered extensive injuries in battle, which caused him to walk with a slight limp throughout his life. A good actor digs into personal experience to create a memorable character. On Veterans Day, when you watch Matt Dillon fight injustice and stand up for what’s right, you just might be catching a glimpse of the real James Arness.

To our great military veterans, we salute you!

Gunsmoke: To the Last Man
3p ET

Retired Marshal Matt Dillon and his daughter track stolen cattle and discover a gang of cattle rustlers involved in one of the most dangerous and deadly feuds in the history of the American West.

Gunsmoke Blue Heaven
5p ET

A young man and a fugitive team up as they run from those who have been chasing them about a murder and robbery they did not commit!

Gunsmoke The Do-Badder
6p ET

Prospector Harvey Easter settles in Dodge after striking it rich in the Colorado Rockies. He soon tries to reform the city, but his failed attempts upset many of the townspeople and produce a devastating outcome.

Gunsmoke Lacey
7p ET

A hired hand likes his boss’ daughter, but the boss does not want him around her. When the boss is killed, his daughter takes the blame. However, Matt Dillon is not so sure that she murdered her father.

Honor a Veteran in Your Life

Do you know a veteran you would like to honor? Submit their name and watch INSP during our special Gunsmoke Veterans Day Marathon because we’re saluting our nation’s heroes on-air, LIVE! Click here to salute your veteran!