Starting Friday, November 25th at 7a ET

Black Friday: Door Busters Marathon

No Standing in Line for our Black Friday Lineup!

Let the shoppers storm the stores, the bargain hunters nickel and dime! We have a way more fun adventure for you this Black Friday—the only door buster that guarantees 13 straight hours of great entertainment courtesy of the Virginian and the Cartwrights. Get ready for high drama, touching moments and boisterous belly laughs, all from the comfort home.


7:00a   The Executioners
A stranger arrives in Medicine Bow to investigate the execution of his father, who was hanged.   When the stranger learns the local schoolmarm could have prevented the hanging by providing an alibi, he begins his search for the troubling truth surrounding the whole incident.

8:30a  |  Woman from White Wing
A friend of Judge Garth, who was long ago given up for dead, reappears.  When the man becomes bitter about his trials and consumed with jealousy over the Judge’s success, he plans on taking the one thing Judge Garth holds dear, his daughter Betsy.

10:00a  |  Throw a Long Rope
When a homesteader is accused of rustling and is beaten by local ranchers, the Virginian helps him work his farm. After investigating the cattle rustling charges, the Virginian decides to defend the man against the ranchers, including Judge Garth.

11:30a   The Big Deal
Guest star Ricardo Montalban – Judge Garth faces difficulties when the land he leases to drive his cattle herd between seasonal ranges is inherited by a tough businessman from Columbia, but an unexpected event involving Betsy Garth prevents confrontation.


1:00p  |  Found Child
Hoss finds a stagecoach with everyone murdered except a little girl named Lisa. She is in a catatonic state of shock so Hoss takes her in, hoping to find her relatives. He grows fond of her and is reluctant to let her go.

2:00p  |  The Genius
Hoss helps drunken drifter, Will Smith, by hiring him as a ranch hand on the Ponderosa. He soon finds out that he is actually William Warlock Evans, a famous poet. Hoss is determined to help Evans get back to his old self.

3:00p  |  The Fighters
Hoss feels guilty about ending the boxing career of fighter, Hank Kelly, vowing to never fight again. However, he is put to the test when Little Joe is badly beaten.

4:00p  |  Ponderosa Explosion
Hoss and Little Joe buy a couple of bunnies in hopes of making money selling rabbit skins. However, when they are unable to kill the cute little creatures, they find themselves knee-deep in rabbits.

5:00p  |  The Crime of Johnny Mule
Hoss is the lone holdout when it comes to convicting Johnny Mule of murdering his boss. When Johnny fears for his life, regardless of the verdict, he escapes and it’s Hoss who takes the heat.

6:00p  |  Caution, Easter Bunny Crossing
A Quaker woman talks Hoss into wearing an Easter bunny costume for an orphanage. While in his furry outfit he tries to halt the efforts of a group of bumbling outlaws that are planning to rob a stagecoach.

7:00p  |  The Trouble with Trouble
Hoss has his hands full when he volunteers to be the acting sheriff of a town named Trouble, that ironically happens to be one of the most lawless towns in California.

8:00p  |  Rock-a-Bye Hoss
Hoss regrets that he has agreed to be a judge in a beautiful baby contest when Virginia City parents turn into a bunch of backstabbers in order to win at all costs.