New INSP Schedule Changes

APRIL 2023

Bat Is Back! All-New Wild West Chronicles!

Bat Masterson, lawman turned newspaper reporter, seeks out the little-known stories of the Old West in the season 3 premiere of Wild West Chronicles, Thursdays at 10PM ET starting April 6th.


More Matt Dillon!

Gunsmoke will air at 10:30PM ET in 30-minute episodes starting Thursday, April 6th. And the show returns to the lineup on Wednesdays at 10PM ET beginning on April 12th.



The Barkleys Are Home on Fridays

Catch The Big Valley every Friday night at 11PM ET starting April 28th.





MAY 2023

The Stagecoach Is Right on Time!

Tales of Wells Fargo returns to the INSP lineup Monday through Thursday at 11PM ET, starting May 1st with season 1 episodes.




Into the Wild Frontier Blazes a Trail to Saturdays!

Season 3 of Into the Wild Frontier moves to Saturdays starting May 6th at 6PM ET. Repeats on Wednesdays at 1AM ET starting May 10th



The Early Bird Gets…to Watch Laramie!

Slim, Andy, Jess, and Jonesy ride into the INSP lineup Monday through Friday at 8AM ET starting May 30th.