It’s Matt Dillon & You for 10 Big Hours of Gunsmoke – Saturday Starting at 10a ET

Move into Dodge and Spend 10 action-packed hours with Matt Dillon!

Spend an entire day of Western action and drama with Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty.

The Marathon includes 6 Gunsmoke episodes:

Wagon Girls at 10a ET

Guest Star Ellen Burstyn. Matt Dillon encounters a group of women in a wagon train headed to Colorado. He learns that they were lured by the promise of marrying rich miners. However, Matt discovers the truth behind their journey.

The Dealer at 11a ET

Lily Baskin’s feelings toward suitor, Johnny Cole, change after Johnny shoots and kills Lily’s father during a card game. Although he apologizes for killing her father, Lily has other plans for him. Matt Dillon decides to step in.

The Summons at 12p ET

Loy Bishop shoots one of his gang members in the back and kills him in hopes of receiving a large bounty in Dodge. He takes the body to Matt Dillon, who isn’t ready to make good on the bounty just yet.

The Dreamers at 1p ET

Henry and Jake have struck it rich and want to follow their dream of buying a Mississippi river boat. When Henry meets Miss Kitty, he wants to marry her but she has nothing to do with him or his big dream.

Quint Asper Comes Home at 6p ET

Guest Star Burt Reynolds. A half Comanche named Quint Asper joins his mother’s tribe in order to kill white men and avenge for the death of his father. Matt Dillon sees the good in him and wants to re-integrate him into society.

The Glory and the Mud at 7p ET

A retired lawman and showman wants only to settle down with the Dodge seamstress he left behind twenty years ago, but a gunfight may get in the way.

And, 2 big movies:

Gunsmoke: One Man’s Justice at 2p ET

The final Gunsmoke adventure. When a young mother is killed following a botched stagecoach robbery, her son sets out to find her killers. Can Dillon get to him before he ends up dead too?

Gunsmoke: To the Last Man at 1p ET

The bullets are flying in this smoking Gunsmoke adventure. Cattle rustlers, vicious vigilantes, and feuding farmers give retired Marshal Matt Dillon the fight of his life in this action-packed Western.

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