7 Action-Packed Nights! 7 Mega Movies! INSP 7 Night Movie Event Starts Saturday at 8p ET

From Giddy-Up to Showdown, the Old West Lives on INSP

We’ve put together some INSP fan favorites and a couple of new hits for a thrilling week of Western action! Big movies. Big stars: Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, James Stewart, Tom Selleck, James Arness, Yul Brynner and Charlton Heston! That’s 7 Nights, 7 Movies, 7 Stars!


We start our INSP 7 Night Movie Event Saturday, September 23rd with another “7”: The Magnificent Seven at 8p ET! Don’t miss one night! Click for the full schedule.



Saturday, 9/23 at 8p The Magnificent Seven 
Sunday, 9/24 at 10p Hang ‘Em High (INSP Premiere)
Monday, 9/25 at 10p Red River
Tuesday, 9/26 at 10p Last Stand at Saber River
Wednesday, 9/27 at 10p Will Penny (INSP Premiere)
Thursday, 9/29 at 10p She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

And, if that’s not enough, there are more movies airing on INSP during our movie week. Click here to learn more.